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Buy 10 YouTube Likes

Buy 10 YouTube Likes


While many video-sharing platforms such as Twitch, Instagram, or TikTok have grown exponentially in the last few years, YouTube still holds the championship belt with an unrivalled 1.9 billion monthly active users

Nothing even comes close to YouTube except for Google. So, it's pretty clear that the audience base of YouTube is far greater than any other.

All kinds of video content, starting from music to games, you name it, thrive on the platform. Thus, if you're looking to use video content as your main tool to advertise your business, share your talent or make how-to clips, then YouTube is your best bet.

However, beware because the road ahead is not so easy. It will take time, effort, a unique strategy, and sometimes a little boost from your friendly neighbourhood, SocialKingo.

What are the Benefits of Having Likes on YouTube

What are the Benefits of Having Likes on YouTube?


If you've done your research, you must know that engagement is crucial on any social media platform. The more you have it, the better recognition your posts, content, or videos get.

It's the same case for YouTube as well. Under every YouTube video, there are two buttons, one for like and another for dislike. It is considered a top-notch clip when you see a video with a lot of likes and a few to no dislikes.

So, the first benefit of having YouTube likes is that it increases the authority of your video, making it seem more reliable to your audience.


Next is YouTube ranking, which rises with engagement and video views. So, if your video has a high number of likes, then chances are it will be ranked at the top, which in turn will take the clip to the YouTube feed.

Who Needs 10 YouTube Likes

 Who Needs 10 YouTube Likes?


Not everyone will benefit the same from the deal. Buying 10 YouTube likes isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's an insignificant number, but it can still be valuable for a few things. So, people who can use 10 YouTube likes are:

  • New YouTubers
  • YouTubers with a low budget
  • People who haven't used paid services before
  • Users who want to check the credibility of their seller
  • YouTubers looking to check out the process using paid services
  • People who prefer to start small at first
  • Users who don't want to draw unwanted attention to their account
Why Purchase 10 YouTube Likes

Why Purchase 10 YouTube Likes?


As mentioned before, YouTube likes increase your authority as a YouTuber. It also shows that you have a good engagement with your audience, thereby making your videos seem more reliable and boosting your overall YouTube ranking.

So, without further ado, let's have a look at the detailed version of the upsides of buying 10 YouTube likes.

Boost User Engagement

Although ten likes aren't much, it still can bear positive results for your account. If your videos have zero likes, then it only proves that no one actually enjoyed the clips. However, if they have even 10, it is possible that other viewers will take some of their time to check out at least the first few seconds of the videos.

Besides, the more user engagement your videos have, the better their chances of getting promoted to the YouTube feed. However, that is highly unlikely, but I like to keep my hopes up.

Increase the Weight of Your Video by 10

By increasing weight, I mean the authority of your videos. People won't watch your YouTube clips unless they don't have some assurance of quality. This is where likes come in, as they can boost the credibility of your videos.

I doubt ten likes will increase the weight of your videos by much, but it's still better than having nothing or dislikes.

Know More About the Provider

A good thing about starting small is that you can learn or check out the credibility of the paid service provider before investing a big sum on YouTube likes.

You can't be sure of anything these days; hence, it's best to test the waters before making major moves. Once you're sure your provider is giving you genuine (not bot-generated) likes, you can try purchasing bigger packages, capiche?

Low-Budget? No Worries

Buying 10 YouTube likes is as cheap as it can get. It's the smallest package for YouTube in our diaries. It won't dent your wallet, so your mind will always remain at ease.

If you are a YouTuber on a tight budget, your best bet is to go for 10 YouTube likes. Once your budget increases, you can try getting larger deals, which give you more value.

How to Grow Organically on YouTube

How to Grow Organically on YouTube?


Every YouTuber constantly thinks about new ways to improve or grow their channel, especially the new ones. If you are inexperienced with the platform, you can try doing the things listed below to see organic growth.

  • Quality content is a must.
  • Upload videos regularly
  • Share your videos on other platforms, e.g., Facebook, Messenger stories, etc.
  • Use call-to-action phrases such as "don't forget to hit the like, share, or subscriber button" at the beginning or the very end of your videos.
  • Comment back as much as possible
  • Use hashtags in the description section

Even if you pull all of these off perfectly, chances are you won't see organic growth for quite some time. But you can't let that demotivate you because it will only make you want to quit.

I've seen many YouTubers who had only 1k or 2k views on their videos at the beginning of their journey. Now, most of them get 100k to 200k views regularly.

So, if you somehow push through the first few months or even a year, you'll hopefully start seeing organic growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 10 YouTube Likes

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying 10 YouTube likes and our services as a whole in this section.


We don't deliver any fake stuff at Socialkingo. All your likes will be 100% real from genuine user accounts and not bot-generated ones.


The first one you'll receive after a few minutes of the purchase. The next likes will come gradually, and you'll receive all of them in just a few hours.

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I had little to no experience ordering paid YouTube Likes. So, I went with a small package just to sample their services. I got 10 YouTube Likes within a day. Thanks to this, the entire process is clear to me. Will go for bigger packages!

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I am pretty happy with what SocialKingo had to offer. Many will think 10 YouTube Likes aren’t that much of a deal. It’s not true. I tested their services and verified whether the likes were real. They were! Now, I could go for bigger packages with higher returns. Thanks, guys! 

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