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Buy 100 Facebook Video Views


Whenever we talk about social media websites, the first name that pops into our mind is Facebook. Although Facebook came much later in the playing field (around 2004), it is now considered the largest platform of all time. 

These days, Facebook has jaw-dropping monthly active users of 2.8 billion. According to Oberlo, 59 percent of all social media users use Facebook, which puts the platform at the top of the leading board.

Now, Facebook is not only a networking website where you post pictures and videos and communicate with other people but also the biggest marketplace ever. It has opened up many opportunities for its users to grow their businesses or become famous.

Why Purchase 100 Facebook Video Views?


Although it's a very small number, a few benefits come from buying 100 video views on Facebook. You shouldn't consider it a one-time investment; instead, consider it a test run to see how paid services can help you advertise your business or boost your page.

So, what are the advantages of buying Facebook video views? Let's have a look.

Increase Authority

The credibility of your videos increases with the number of views they have. A video with a high number of views has a better chance of making people watch it than a clip with a few or no views.

People tend to follow the trend. Therefore, if your videos have some authority or the vote of confidence of 100 people, they can draw the attention of other organic viewers. Think of it this way, will you watch a video with zero views or 100? Of course, the latter, right? 

Attract Organic Viewers/Consumers

The best benefit of any paid service is that it helps your posts, pages, videos, and channels to receive organic viewers or subscribers.

Once your videos start to get some recognition— there is a pretty good chance it will make other people have a look at them. Your goal is to have more and more organic viewers/consumers and advertise your talent, brand, or business to them.

Therefore, the more viewers you have, the better your chances of getting recognition or increasing sales.

Branching Out

Once you start getting a fan following through your videos, you can start moving the traffic to your other social media accounts or affiliate websites.

By doing so, you increase the number of subscribers or followers on your other profiles as well, and if you can take them to your affiliate websites, it is sure to give you a few sales at least. Usually, people provide links to their sites or profiles above the videos or at the first comment.

You can try doing the same to move the traffic to your desired location.

Rise Above the Competition

As I've already mentioned, the fierce competition on Facebook is fierce. Whatever you are trying to sell or pull off has probably been tried by someone else. So, it's incredibly challenging to compete with your competitors, especially when they're veterans, and you're just the new guy.

Most newcomers give up after witnessing the competition because it seems almost impossible to stand out when the market has so many experts already. The best and most effective way to compete with veterans is to use paid services.

Although 100 Facebook video views won't help you much in the battle, it is still worth having as you can monitor the difference before and after you purchase them. 

How to Maintain or Increase Traffic


One of the biggest concerns of anyone who is looking to make a name for themselves on Facebook is how to keep the traffic rolling in. It isn't easy, especially because of the competition out there. A few mistakes here and there, and you'll be back at the bottom before you even know it. 

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you know how to increase and maintain your traffic. Here is a list of things you can do to ensure a healthy engagement.

  • Increase popularity using paid services
  • Deliver quality posts or content
  • Hire an influencer to advertise your brand/business
  • Maintain a positive relationship with your audience by interacting with them
  • Share content or posts regularly
  • Try using Facebook advertising to reach out to your target audience

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions about paid services and Facebook video views.


It depends on the size of the package. A small deal of only 100 Facebook video views shouldn't take us more than a day to deliver.


We have a variety of packages for people with a big or tight budget. Here at UpTopSocial, we have budget-friendly and premium deals. Click here for a detailed description of our packages. 


It depends on your needs and choice. For instance, 100 Facebook video views won't change the outlook or authority of your videos or profile much. It may only help you check out the credibility of the paid service provider or see how the purchasing process goes.

Therefore, if you want positive results that will increase the growth of your page significantly, you'll need to look into bigger packages. Once you reach your goals, you can stop using or taking the help of paid services.


If you are new and own a small business with less to no idea about Facebook marketing, it's best to start small and aim for bigger fishes. As you have minimal knowledge of how the process or paid services work, it wouldn't be wise to start with a big deal.

However, if you are a seasoned veteran looking to leave your competitors in the dust, you should probably check out bigger packages with more views and followers.

Customer Reviews

Our happy customers feedback

Gerry K. Grayson 


I’ve been working as a food vlogger for three months now. Yup, I’m a newbie in the grand scheme of things. It’s easy to get lost on Facebook when you run paid promotions. 

Especially, when you know little to nothing about social media marketing. That’s IF, you don’t have a partner.

Luckily, I do! SocialKingo has been my "Go To" social media marketing network from the start. I regularly purchase their Facebook video views in small quantities (100 views per video). Trust me, that’s all you need to get a quality video off the blocks in FB watch. Happy? You bet!

John V. Edney 


I own a Facebook page and a website on beauty care. I've created many videos on birthday parties, corporate events, and funeral makeup for people. Putting each video on paid promotion is a bit hectic for me since I don’t know anything about FB ads. That’s when I contacted SocialKingo.

These guys gave me an excellent idea. Now, I run small campaigns for each video I post on FB. Precisely for 100 video views (often more). I have 10 videos with more or less 350 views each. I’m receiving constructive comments, regular likes, and even subscribers for my YouTube channel as well. Money well spent; I must say!

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