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Why Does the Subscriber Count Matter on YouTube

Why Does the Subscriber Count Matter on YouTube?


YouTube came out in 2005. That was well before Facebook introduced video to the platform or Instagram came out. It is the OG video platform, and most people still rely on it to consume videos.

That is why its users consume more than a billion hours of video every day. But the users will not just interact with any YouTube channel. Yes, YouTube users are picky and will not click on random channels.

Instead, they will consider several things before interacting with a channel. And the subscriber count plays the most crucial role in this case. When a channel gets a fair subscriber count, the account has a proper grasp over the audience.

Furthermore, the subscriber count also states that a load of users is subscribed to the channel because it has to offer value. For that reason, all the content creators try to get as many subscribers as possible. And they monitor their subscriber count constantly to see how they are doing on YouTube.

Why Should You Get Paid YouTube Subscribers?


Paid YouTube subscribers will not seem worthy unless you know what they can mean to your channel. So, let us explain what paid subscribers can bring to the table!

More Attention To Your Channel

Channels with a high subscriber count get the most attention. More viewers will be drawn to your channel. And that will eventually lead to exposure to a wide range of audiences.

Attention From Sponsors and Partners

Paid YouTube subscribers can open the doors of sponsorship and partnership. When the brands notice you have many subscribers, they will keep you on the list. And if you get selected, you can earn more than YouTube revenue offers. 

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business


A lot of brands are operating on YouTube. They are on the platform to promote themselves and create awareness regarding their products. However, effective marketing requires legitimacy. And you can get exactly that by getting paid subscribers.


When your channel has many subscribers, and your content is getting a lot of attention, you will succeed in the exclusives you offer to your viewers. In other words, you can earn more money!

What Can 100 Paid YouTube Subscribers Get You?


First, 100 is a pretty small number, especially when you compare it with the subscriber count of other prominent YouTubers. But the purchase can surely give your channel the boost it requires to stand out from channels just created.

However, that is not all that you will enjoy. One hundred subscribers are a good number of subscribers for a new channel. And it can help to make your videos get the right level of interaction. When that happens, you will be under the radar of the algorithm.

Now, if the algorithm picks your content up, it will start suggesting your video to other users interested in your content. That will enable you to get tons of reach. 

You can make your profile get a high number of new subscribers in a small amount of time. So, with 100 subscribers, you are not only giving your channel a slight boost but will also enhance its overall potential if you do the right things.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 100 YouTube Subscribers

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying 100 YouTube subscribers and our services as a whole in this section.


If you think 100 subscribers are not enough for you and have the budget for more, you should check out our other packages. We have tons of different ones available at the moment. And we can assure you that you will indeed find something that will fit all of your needs.


When it comes to going viral on YouTube, you need to get tons of shares and make your video spread out on YouTube. Now, only 100 subscribers might not be enough to achieve that, but it will surely make you get one step ahead of going viral. After the boost, if you implement the right tactic, you can surely go viral at one point.


Absolutely not! The subscribers that you will get from us will be authentic. They will have real profiles, and there will be real people behind the profiles. And unlike bots, these real profiles do not get banned that easily. 

For that reason, you can expect the subscribers to stay up until the point your YouTube channel is on the platform.

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Margaret M. Hill


I would have been pretty glad if I had discovered this service earlier in my YouTube career. It is the perfect package for new YouTubers. I struggled hard even to get 50 subscribers. And getting 100 subscribers all within a day was a dream to be. Thanks to Social Kingo, that dream is now a reality. Thanks a bunch!

Georgia D. France


The value that this package is offering is truly excellent. Most other services do not provide 100 subscribers at this price point. And it has helped a lot to get my channel on track on YouTube. 

Likewise, I can see how it can help many other YouTubers starting their careers. So, if you are considering getting the package, do not hesitate! SocialKingo is legit and trustworthy!

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