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Why Does the Like Count Matter on Instagram

Why Does the Like Count Matter on Instagram?


Instagram is a media-focused platform that is all about videos and photos. And in this platform, people do not just post photos and videos to keep them on the internet. Instead, they want to feel heard and seen. That is where the like counter steps in! 'Like,' one of the metrics can tell whether your post is heard and seen.

However, the users of the platform are very picky. And it is pretty natural because Instagram gets 95 million photos and videos per day. With that many posts getting uploaded on the platform, you should consider a couple of things to ensure you spend your time interacting with high-quality content.

Among all of those factors, the thing that can tell you the most about the story is the like count. That is why people emphasize the like count the most. Users look for the like count before engaging with a post, and the content creators try to get as many likes as possible on their posts.

What Does It Mean to Get a High Number of Likes on Instagram

What Does It Mean to Get a High Number of Likes on Instagram?


Likes are so crucial that most content creators on the platform target nothing but getting a high number of likes on their posts. But what does a post with a reasonably large number of likes tell you?

First, it means that the post has a good amount of reach. Without a proper reach, getting a high number of likes on your post is pretty impossible.

Secondly, it states that your upload was worth the effort.

Finally, it tells you that the post was worth engaging with. Users either found it interesting or worth interacting with after seeing the post. Otherwise, the post would not have any likes at all.

Why Should You Purchase Instagram Likes

Why Should You Purchase Instagram Likes?


Currently, 1.393 billion monthly active users are present on Instagram. This high number of users can give you the idea that getting a high level of attention to your posts will be pretty easy. But the case is really not that simple. You are bound to face a good number of challenges on this platform.

Number of Content Creators

First, you should consider that 30 million amateur content creators were on Instagram in 2020. Currently, the numbers have undoubtedly increased because Instagram has more users now. And if you consider the non-amateur content creators, the numbers will be more than 30 million.

Furthermore, Instagram has 500 thousand active influencers. Both the content creators and influencers will do whatever it takes to get proper attention to the posts. And for that reason, they will aim to make each post better than their competitors. Yes, the level of competition is so high on Instagram.

Number of Posts Per Day

Number of Posts Per Day


You might think you can get away by targeting a specific audience and offering unique posts. But you cannot forget that Instagram gets 95 million daily posts. So, it will not be that hard for your post to get lost among millions of other average posts.

You might not even get half of the reach you have been looking forward to. And if you do not get enough reach, getting a fair number of likes on your posts will not be possible. 

However, when you purchase the likes, you make the post get a boost. That would eventually eliminate most of the challenges and limitations.

What Advantages Will You Enjoy After You Buy 1000 Instagram Likes

What Advantages Will You Enjoy After You Buy 1000 Instagram Likes?


Did you know that Instagram posts get an average of 1261 likes? So, with the 1000 Instagram likes, you will be much closer to the average number of likes. And that will give your post a proper boost and allow it to gain greater overall attention. But that is not the only advantage that you will earn.

Instant Boost

Firstly, the purchase will give your post an instant boost. It will be well ahead of the uploads that do not have the same number of likes.


When your post has 1000 likes or more, it shows that your profile is legit. Instagram is filled with bots, and bots do not get any likes on their post.

Algorithm Will Notice Your Post

The number of likes is one of the key factors that the algorithm considers when choosing posts for the explore page. And there is a high chance that the algorithm will pick up your upload after the purchase.

Scope For Partnership

1000 likes is undoubtedly a lot. And if you get organic growth along with the paid likes, your post will get attention from brands looking to partner with content creators.

Can the 1000 Instagram Post Likes Bring More Traffic to My Profile

Can the 1000 Instagram Post Likes Bring More Traffic to My Profile?


Yes, it can. Want to know how? Let’s give you the details!

Algorithm Can Pick Your Post Up

When you purchase the 1K likes, you are making your post gain instant value. And you are also enhancing the engagement rate of your post. Yes, any sort of interaction from the users is considered an engagement. That includes likes too. When the engagement level is high, it will be under the algorithm's radar.

Higher Reach After Algorithm Picks Your Uploads

If the algorithm does pick up your post, it will start to showcase your content on the explore feed. And on the explore feed, users not on your follower list will be able to see what your post is all about. That means you could reach millions and millions of people.

The Likes Will Draw More Users To Your Profile

The Likes Will Draw More Users To Your Profile


When the users get into your profile, your recent uploads will get the right attention. And if the users see that you are pretty consistent with the posts and are providing interesting content with each of them, they will want to stay connected with you. In other words, they will follow you.

Now, when your follower count increases, your future posts will not struggle to get the right level of attention. They will gain a high engagement rate if they are worth interacting with.


You Will Get More Credibility

The users of the explore feed will see that you already have a fair number of likes, making them want to interact with the post. And if they see that you offer good content with your post, they will get into your profile. Why? To check whether your other posts are as interesting as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 1000 Instagram Likes

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying 1000 Instagram likes and our services as a whole in this section.


You can indeed purchase 1000 Instagram likes for all of your uploads. It will make each of your posts get a fair level of boost. However, if your posts are not up to the mark, the 1000 likes will not do that much for the growth of your profile.


By high-quality Instagram likes, you will be referring to the service that we are providing here. We utilize nothing but real profiles. And these real profiles might not only like your post but also engage with it in other ways if it manages to interest them. 

That is why our service has so much potential. However, the case is not the same for the fake paid likes. Those will be from bots and will just enhance your like count.


There are different definitions of going viral on Instagram. However, when it comes to likes, one definition states that when you get 100,000+ likes and views on your post in a short amount of time, you have gone viral. Now, the 1000 likes might not seem like enough. But it will surely make you go one step closer to going viral.

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Angela T. Sandstrom


My Instagram adventure went pretty rough. Even though I was putting out high-quality content, I could not make my posts get the right level of attention. And it seems like this package is what I needed all this time. 

Also, I would like to thank SocialKingo for keeping the purchase process simplified. I did not have to go through any additional steps at all.

Jose M. Weiss


SocialKingo is totally legit, and they are offering a true gem here. This service works like a charm. Before, I was struggling to get 100 likes on my posts. And let me not state how dry my profile was in terms of interactions. 

After the purchase, things took a turn. I started to gain a good amount of attention on most of my posts. Also, each one of my recent posts has an outstanding level of interaction.

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