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Buy 10000 Twitter Followers

Buy 10000 Twitter Followers


Twitter traffic is like a hidden treasure when you know how to use it correctly. It is better than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube traffic. Here is why.

First of all, in the fourth quarter of 2021, the monetizable active users of Twitter grew by 13% to 217 million. Secondly, when you advertise something on the platform, people notice it.

I'm not done yet. 54% of entire Twitter's audience tends to purchase new products. According to Oberlo, 40% of Twitter users purchased after seeing the product or service on the platform.

Finally, 75% of all B2B businesses market or advertise their merchandise or services on Twitter.

As you can see, Twitter users are more monetizable and engaging; therefore, three-fourths of B2B businesses use the platform to promote their brands.

Selling merch is not the only way you can earn from Twitter; there are many more. However, everything boils down to how engaging your tweets are and how famous your account is.

Hence, you need a fan following, and the best way to do that is to purchase 10k Twitter Followers.

Who Should Purchase 10k Twitter Followers

Who Should Purchase 10k Twitter Followers?


There can be a couple of reasons why anyone would want to buy 10000 Twitter subscribers, but the most important one is to earn money using the platform's traffic.

It doesn't matter whether you're already famous or starting new because anyone can benefit from having some additional followers.

So, the package is not meant for some specific people. Anyone who is looking to stand out among the crowd or looking to boost their Twitter account can and should purchase 10k Twitter followers.

How To Earn Using Twitter

How To Earn Using Twitter


Twitter is a social media platform with many opportunities to earn. All you'll need is a big fan base or traffic.

Become a Ghost Tweeter

Your tweets must be extraordinary if you want to become a ghostwriter on Twitter. However, it may still not be enough if you aren't able to draw the attention of potential sponsors.

You can become a ghost tweeter once your profile is famous and your tweets are excellent. Business organizations or top-tier brands may offer you to write engaging tweets for them when that happens. Of course, you'll get paid for it, but how much you can charge will depend on your experience and tweeting skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Probably, you all have heard about Amazon affiliate marketing. If you haven't, then let me explain a bit to you. Many business websites are affiliated with Amazon. When you go into such websites and use the link to buy from Amazon, the website owners get a percentage of the sale.


Similarly, you can post affiliate links on your tweets. It doesn't have to be Amazon specifically; it can be any other eCommerce or business website. You'll get a share when your followers click the link and purchase something from the website.


Sponsored Tweets

Brands often approach famous influencers or public figures to write tweets. They asked them to tweet about their business or product and, in return, compensate them for their influence.


When you become a hotshot on Twitter, you may also receive such offers to advertise a business. The more you get offered, the more you can earn.

Selling Your Own Merch or Service

Selling Your Own Merch or Service


As mentioned before, Twitter is one of the best places to advertise products or services. Many users carry out a purchase using the platform. So, starting your own business and promoting your products or services is a great way to earn using Twitter's traffic.

You use Twitter to keep your customers and new users updated about your company's latest offers or promotions. This will help you get more sales and grow your business.


Transfer Your Traffic to Your Website and Other Accounts

One of the best things about having a loyal fan base is that you can send them to your business website, blog, or other social media profiles.


Let's say you want to earn from YouTube videos, but you don't have enough subscribers or receive a lot of views. You can send your Twitter traffic to your YouTube account and convince them to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.


In other cases, you can send them straight to your business website and make them purchase your products or service.

Build a Personalized Email List

Build a Personalized Email List


Email marketing is considered one of the best strategies to boost sales. The messages and promotional offers you send out via mail are more intimate, and your audience will likely buy from you if you advertise through emails.


You can take your followers' emails or convince your fans to sign up to receive regular email updates on your business. This is one of the best, if not the best, way to promote your brand and increase your overall sales.


Open a Tip Jar

Twitter has a tipping option that followers and fans can use to donate money to those they follow. It's somewhat like what you see on a gaming stream where viewers donate money to the streamers to show support and love.


If you have a big enough fan base, you can open a tip jar and let your followers directly donate money to your account.

Why Should I Buy 10000 Twitter Followers

Why Should I Buy 10000 Twitter Followers?


Your followers on Twitter will help you stand out and take you to the top. Without a fan base, you have no way of earning through the platform.

Building a fan following is easy, especially if you start from scratch. You need to put in a lot of effort and time to have a decent number of followers. However, the workload can be reduced when you have an additional 10k followers from the beginning. 

This is how Buying 10000 subscribers can help you:

Make Your Profile Look More Credible

Make Your Profile Look More Credible


Even if your tweets are interesting or fun to read, people won't follow you unless your account is credible enough.

People usually don't trust a profile, business, or brand easily. However, if they see other people following the account, they tend to believe it's dependable. Therefore, having a decent number of followers on Twitter is imperative.

It makes your profile look reliable, which increases the chances of people noticing your tweets.

Organic Growth

Organic Growth


You can grow organically without relying on paid services such as buying followers. However, getting a few hundred fans may take months or even years.

If you keep at it and don't give up midway, you'll probably see success within a certain amount of time. But the problem is people lose patience and start to get frustrated when they don't see organic growth. So, most of them cut their journey short and end it.

It won't be the same for you because the likelihood of witnessing organic growth increases significantly when you have a decent number of followers from the beginning.

People start to take notice of your account, and you get regular traffic.

Build Up a Fan Following

Build Up a Fan Following


Only when your account is credible enough will people come to follow it. Your first few followers will be the toughest to get as your account has no authority whatsoever.

Even if you post outstanding tweets regularly, there is only a slight chance that you may start getting organic followers. However, getting followers and retweets from other users will be much easier when your profile is strong.

Once you start having visitors, your skills will take you through the next step.

Get Sponsors

Get Sponsors


Top-tier businesses or brands tend to hire influential people to write ghost tweets or promote their merch. It's a strategy often taken by even the biggest of sharks. 

So, if you want potential sponsors to take a look at your profile, then the first thing you'll need is a big profile and audience engagement. You can receive user engagement or retweets on your tweet when you have a fan following.


With 10k Twitter followers, you can increase your authority as a ghost tweeter and reach out to clients for work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 10000 Twitter Followers

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying 10000 Twitter followers and our services as a whole in this section.


No, it is not. There are no rules against purchasing Twitter followers. Even if it was illegal, you don't need to worry because, at SocialKingo, we only deliver genuine followers.


It will depend on a few things; therefore, the approximate time needed to receive quality engagement cannot be estimated. However, we can assure you that it will happen sooner than usual.

Keep in mind that the quality of your tweets is certainly important. So, make sure to provide your audience with something interesting.


We tend to deliver followers gradually, so other users or the Twitter authority doesn't suspect your account of foul play. The first one you'll get within an hour, and the rest will follow within a week. 

Thanks for asking! We offer some of the best Twitter services in the market. Do you need a custom solution? We can do that too! Feel free to contact us.


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For a digital marketing company, testimonials are like gold! Over the years, we’ve witnessed numerous success stories and were a part of many of them as well. Here’s what our clients had to say about our twitter services. 

Olivia Spencer 


I partnered up with SocialKingo to promote my "Crafts" shop on Twitter last spring. My goal was to gather up a following for my handicraft shop. 

And I did just that within three or four months. I even got a sponsorship deal out of the 10k followers that I opted for. Of course, they were real as daylight.

Grant S. Ward 


Contacted SocialKingo for 10k Twitter followers a while back. I had the goal of working as an influencer on behalf of my clients. To my pleasant surprise, I got the delivery on time and the account ready for tweeting. Most importantly, I got REAL followers at a comfortable budget.

Why Our Company? 

We provide only quality services for all social media. Don't worry, we involve only real people to all processes.