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Buy 100000 Spotify Plays


We all know how tough it is to make it out as a musician. Back in the old days, only a few made a fortune in the music industry, and by 'few,' I mean only the best ones.

However, times have changed, and the opportunity to become famous using songs increased exponentially, especially because of audio streaming platforms. When you say music, I say Spotify; why do you presume?

Spotify is currently the largest audio streaming platform, with 365 million active users. If you think that's amazing, you'll be shocked that they have 180 million premium subscribers. Therefore, when uploaded on Spotify, your songs have a better chance of getting the recognition they need.

Nevertheless, there are more than 50 million tracks on the platform. So, as you can guess, the journey of making your songs stand out won't be easy. That's why buying 100000 Spotify plays is essential if you want to enter the big leagues.

Who Needs 100k Spotify Plays?


The easy answer to the question would be— an artist or musician who wants their songs to be heard should purchase 100k Spotify plays.

On a critical note, buying Spotify plays can be a legitimate strategy to improve your growth as an artist.

Obviously, you are on the platform to gain something in return for your songs, music, or even podcasts. But, many others like you are there who want the same thing. So, purchasing Spotify plays is for people who prefer to rise above their competitors.

The Benefits of Buying 100k Spotify Plays


Nothing is more valuable on Spotify than having a ton of plays on your songs. The number of times and how long a track has been played is everything to an artist. So, it's safe to say that 100k Spotify streams are what every musician needs to make their songs globally recognized.

So, without further ado, let's see the upsides of purchasing 100k Spotify plays for your songs, music, or an entire album.

Put Your Songs on Top of the List


Your music won't automatically get thousands and millions of streams if you upload them unless you're already a famous artist. But what will you do if your songs aren't getting the recognition they need?

I believe the answer has popped into your mind already— purchase Spotify plays. With enough streams, your music has an excellent chance of standing out. It may not happen in a day, but it will certainly happen faster than usual.

Make New Fans


The problem with making new fans is that it's unbelievably tough to make the audience hear your music.

Let's say you uploaded a sick song, which has the potential to get thousands or millions of streams, but you aren't a famous artist. Why would people come and listen to your music and not of Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber?

If you don't give a reason to your audience to hear your songs, they won't. This is where the 100k Spotify streams come into play. Once potential consumers see that your song has been played 100000 times, they will feel more interested in hearing it out. Simple as that.

Receive Organic Streams


You need organic followers or plays if you want the money to flow in. You can't expect to earn from Spotify while buying streams repeatedly.

You'll only start to receive revenue for your time and investment when you have a fan base who will regularly listen to your music.

However, it's not easy to build up a fan following. You either have to be famous from the beginning, use influencers to include your songs in their playlist, or the cheapest and easiest method— buy Spotify streams to make a reputation.

Once your songs are credible enough, they will attract the attention of organic users, which in return will help you get a fan base.

Earn Using Spotify


Many artists are earning big bucks using Spotify. It has now become a thing for a lot of musicians. So, if you want to know how you can use your Spotify traffic to earn, have a look.

Earn Directly from Spotify:

If you are new to the platform, you may not know that Spotify pays you for the number of times your song has been streamed. However, the amount varies on how long it has been played.

The more your songs are streamed, the more you will get paid. So, if you get a big fan following, you can earn a lot from the platform directly.

Get Gigs


Every struggling artist knows how tough it is to get a gig. It has become quite a challenge to get even a single gig because of the fierce competition.

However, once you make a name for yourself on Spotify, your chances of getting gigs increases dramatically. Let me tell you how.

The more famous you become on the platform, the greater the chances are of potential organizers noticing you or your band. Easier said than done; hence, purchasing Spotify streams.

Sell Your Own CDs/Vinyl or Merch

You can start selling hard copies of your tracks if you get a big enough fan following. You can also convince them to purchase your merchandise, increasing your overall earnings.

Selling your own CDs/vinyl and merch is quite profitable. If you have regular customers willing to purchase from you, then you wouldn't even have to worry about earning from Spotify directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We made a list of queries about Spotify. Make sure to check it out if you're unaware of something.


Some providers sell play bots for a reasonable price and work quite well. However, I would suggest that you don't use it. If the Spotify authority somehow finds out about your actions, your entire profile may get banned.

Therefore, it's best to stay clear of Spotify play bots.


You need to stream a track for at least 30 seconds to get a count. However, you shouldn't abuse it by streaming your song for 30 seconds and repeating the process again. It is against the rules and regulations of Spotify, so that you may get into big trouble for such actions. 

Customer Reviews

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Meryl Stephen 


Getting your own record out there is tough when you have very little budget. That's why I ventured into Spotify and decided to run paid promotions for my music. I bought 100K Spotify plays from SocialKingo. This resulted in many subscribers and hefty bucks for an indie musician. I will contact them again for further promotions.

Tobias Bundy 


I'm basically into covering popular songs from Ed Sheeran, Linking Park, and others. After publishing a few of my cover songs on Spotify, I always wanted to get gigs on my own. Luckily, I got hold of SocialKingo and opted for 100K Spotify plays. This helped me get in touch with reputed music producers thanks to the popularity of my songs. I got a gig after 1.5 years of starting out. Thanks to them!

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