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Buy 10k YouTube Views, Why

Buy 10k YouTube Views, Why?


Views are considered the 'currency' of the YouTube world. The more views you have— the better you can reach out to your target audience, the greater your chances of bringing in more viewers, consumers, subscribers, and the more authority you gain.

Basically, everything boils down to view counts when it comes to YouTube. Therefore, any way you can increase your video views can be seen as a marketing strategy to increase your channel's growth.

Let me tell you something— the climbing curve to reaching the top on YouTube is unbelievably difficult. Even YouTubers with thousands of subscribers use paid services to increase their view count, so they can compete with their competitors.

Thus, buying YouTube views is important not only for amateurs but also for professionals. Think about it before someone else does.

The Advantages of Buying 10k YouTube Views

The Advantages of Buying 10k YouTube Views


Around 62 percent of businesses use YouTube for advertisement purposes. So, you can understand the role of YouTube for small and giant entities. It doesn't stop there; people worldwide watch videos on YouTube for almost one billion hours every day— that's huge!

It is pretty much established that if you become a well-known figure on YouTube, you become famous worldwide. For that reason, the competition is fierce on the platform.

Now, 10k YouTube is not a small number; neither is it a huge one. Therefore, the benefits you get from buying the package will also be significant enough to bring change to your channel, but not to a major extent. So, what are these so-called advantages? Let's have a look.

The Authority You Need and Deserve

The Authority You Need and Deserve


One of the reasons you are here is that you're probably having trouble making your videos and channel look more credible. Often people don't know what they should do to increase their overall authority on the platform.

The easiest way to do that is to get a good number of views. However, people usually don't watch videos that aren't credible already. It seems we're in a paradoxical situation.

You need view counts to increase authority, but you won't get organic viewers unless your videos have enough credibility.


When you're stuck in such circumstances, using paid services is the best way to move past it. This is where the 10k YouTube views come into play.

Organic Growth

Organic Growth


From the very beginning, your target is and will be to get more and more organic viewers. The more genuine your audiences, the greater your chances are to increase overall sales, receive revenue from ads, or have a big fan following.


Once your videos start to get the credibility they badly need, they will begin to draw the attention of organic viewers. It's simple— clips with a decent view count have a better chance of helping you grow organically.


A video with a high number of views proves the fact that it's worth the watch. Thus, people feel more intrigued to watch clips with a high view count.

Climb Your Way to the Top

Climb Your Way to the Top


The approach to increasing your YouTube ranking is twofold— the number of views and retention rate of your videos.


Your YouTube ranking will determine the popularity of your channel and the chance of your videos getting promoted to the feed. Views are the only thing that can take your profile to the top. The more you have, the greater the possibility of your videos getting recognition from YouTube and other viewers.


So, if you plan on climbing the ladder, you'll need as many views as possible.

Attract Potential Sponsors

Attract Potential Sponsors


Often, you will see a YouTube video starting with a shout-out to a sponsor. You'll only get a glimpse of sponsor ads on the videos of well-known channels. 


When your channel becomes famous enough, other businesses or brands will come to advertise their product, game, music, or service via your videos.


Sponsors use your videos to advertise their merchandise and, in return, give you a sum of money. Hence, when there are a good number of views on your videos, your chance of attracting potential sponsors increases. The more sponsors reach out to you, the more you can earn through your video content.

Can Purchased Views be Considered as Real Views

Can Purchased Views be Considered as Real Views?


There is a fine line between fake and real views. For instance, you can consider the videos we deliver as either fake or real views. However, what is a real view to you— a view that will increase your view count or a view that'll help you advertise your business or talent?

In my experience, both can be considered real views. Purchased views may not be organic, but they will undoubtedly increase the authority of your videos, which in term will bring in organic viewers and followers.

So, it depends on how you look at it. However, if you use illegal software to increase your view count, then those views can be counted as fake views. Your videos or, worse, your channel can get flagged by YouTube if you rely on fake views for growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 10k YouTube Views

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying 10k YouTube views and our services as a whole in this section.


Anyone who is looking to take their channel to new heights of success on the platform needs to purchase YouTube views.

You can be an up-and-coming influencer, gamer, small business owner, bigshot brand, or a regular entertainer; it doesn't matter because any number of views can help you reach your goals faster.


You can use it in both scenarios. For newcomers, it can help them by increasing their YouTube ranking, and for seasoned veterans, it can assist them by maintaining their rank or safeguarding their hard work. 


You should first figure out which one of your videos has the most potential. You can ask your friends and family to judge the quality, or you can do it yourself. Once you figure it out, you invest in that video first.

You can try boosting your other videos if you find success there.

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Natalie Di’or 


Makeup industry is tough. You’ll have competition from people of all ages. Boosting videos once a while helps. I experimented with casual bridal makeup a few weeks back and wanted people to provide feedback on that. With one minor issue, of course. I don't have YouTube SEO skills or that many subscribers.

I got in touch with SocialKingo through a friend. They heard my case and ran a marketing campaign on the video. Over the next few days, subscriber growth and view count increased simultaneously. I received feedback and where to improve from my viewers as well. 

Taylor E. Allen 


I got the services of UpTopSocial for one of my comparison videos of pocket jigs. I received real YouTube views of 12K within 3 – 4 days without myself doing much. Right now, I'm busy planning my next video. Will contact them for subscriber growth next. Happy? You bet I am!

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