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Why Do Likes Matter So Much on Instagram

Why Do Likes Matter So Much on Instagram?


In 2016, Instagram got 95 million posts per day. Back then, it did not have as many users as it has now. Currently, there are 1.393 billion monthly active users on Instagram. So, you can guess that the number of daily posts is more than 95 million. While it means you have millions of content to consume on the platform, at the same time, this huge number of posts means that your content can easily get lost!

So, among all these posts, what would make one stand out from the others?


It is one of the engagement factors that makes a post gain value. In fact, Instagrammers check out the number of likes on the posts even before interacting with them. Most think the post isn't valuable just because it does not have a fair amount of likes.

Likewise, Instagram users would check how their posts are doing by considering the number of likes. When a post gets a high number of likes, it means that the content can grab the attention, and it could offer proper value.

Why Should You Purchase 20 Instagram Likes

Why Should You Purchase 20 Instagram Likes?


You can certainly feel that it will be pretty easy for anyone to get many likes on their posts, as Instagram has 1.393 billion active users. But you cannot overlook the fact that more than 500 thousand active influencers exist on the platform.

Also, in 2020, Instagram had 30 million amateur content creators. The number is even bigger now.

You will be quite wrong if you think you won't face any challenges as you are not directly competing with influencers and popular content creators. The competition among regular users is pretty fierce too. There are loads of regular Instagrammers on the platform to get a high level of attention. 

..... and they will do whatever it takes to get it.

Furthermore, if your account is relatively new on Instagram, you will get little to no attention. Instagrammers tend not to engage with new users. And unless you have a good number of followers, getting even a few likes on your posts can be challenging.

However, our service here can eliminate all of these challenges and limitations. We offer your post the boost it requires to stand out from the other Instagram posts.


And you might already know by now that 5-10 percent of post likes of total follower count is an excellent start for your Instagram adventure. The 20 likes can check that list.

Additionally, if you get likes soon after you post content, it will get more attention from the other Instagrammers. Your post will be valued and can quickly enhance the organic engagement rate.

Why 20 Likes

Why 20 Likes?


For an account just starting on Instagram, 20 likes is a big deal! Many of these new accounts even struggle to get five likes on their posts. Imagine what 20 likes would mean to these users. Again, 5-10 percent of post likes of total followers is a great sign for Instagram profiles.

So, if your account has around 200 followers, getting 20 likes will make you check that criterion. It will make your post reach a proper amount of value and make it easier to reel in more organic likes.

Furthermore, the post will stand out if you get 20 likes within the first few moments of the upload. Instagrammers will find value in your post and will not hesitate one bit before interacting with the post.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 20 Instagram Likes

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying 20 Instagram likes and our services as a whole in this section.


The thing about our service is that it is highly flexible. And you can quickly get the number of likes you want by placing multiple orders. For example, if you're going to get 100 likes, you need to place five orders. In total, you will get 100 likes delivered to your post.


No part of our service relies on bots or fake profiles. We rely strictly on real profiles. Therefore, the likes will not just automatically vanish from your post. However, if your post gets taken down or you delete the post, the likes will not be there anymore.


Not really! If your Instagram post has 100 thousand or more views and likes, with thousands of comments and only a few hundred or thousand followers, it has gone viral. 20 likes do not check that criterion. However, what you will be getting is a good boost. If you utilize this boost properly, you can make your post viral.


You can make as many orders as you want. We will be responsible for meeting your expectations accordingly in each order. However, you should note that Instagrammers value high-quality posts more than others. So, we would recommend boosting the high-quality posts only.

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Terry J. Jeffries


Most of the available boosting services are either sub-par or deceiving. But that is simply not the case for this one. Even though I was very skeptical regarding the service in the beginning, all my doubts were cleared after I made my first purchase. 

Now, I am a regular customer, and I would recommend this service to any profile starting out.

Mike B. Perrin


I recently joined Instagram, and my main goal is to compete with well-off content creators. However, I did not realize that the competition on Instagram is so intense. I struggled to get even ten likes on my first posts. So, I was pleased when I stumbled upon this service. The team is truly offering something remarkable here.

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We provide only quality services for all social media. Don't worry, we involve only real people to all processes.