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Buy 25 Facebook Likes

Buy 25 Facebook Likes


Whether you're a Twitter fan or an Instagram addict, you must admit that nothing beats Facebook, as it has the highest monthly active users at 2.91 billion.

The reason why people prefer Facebook over other social media platforms is because of its user-friendly interface. Users from all over the world spend almost 19.6 hours a month on Facebook.

However, that's not all there is to the social networking website. You will be surprised to know that 1 billion monthly active users use the Facebook marketplace. So, it's a proven fact that businesses thrive on the platform.

Nevertheless, not everyone who enters the world of Facebook for economic purposes plans on advertising their brand. Some are there to make a name for themselves as avid content creators.

The number of small businesses and content creators is rapidly increasing on the platform due to high demand. So, the smart move is to buy Facebook likes to increase audience engagement and stand out among the crowd.

Why Start with Facebook

Why Start with Facebook?


There are a couple of reasons why people prefer to open shop on Facebook first. There are many users, but that is just one of the perks.

A regular Facebook post can potentially have an average organic reach of 5.2%. Back in 2018, it was 7.7%, but it declined in the past few years. 

Nonetheless, 5.2% is still a lot and will only increase in the coming years as people worldwide are prone to use social media platforms more.

Apart from that, more than 72% of all users on Facebook use Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube. So, once you have big enough traffic on Facebook, you can easily take them to your other social networking profiles.

Who Needs to Buy 25 Facebook Likes

Who Needs to Buy 25 Facebook Likes?


You have nothing to lose by buying 25 Facebook likes but only to gain. In that sense, anyone can benefit from the deal, but some more than others.

As the number of likes you'll receive from the package won't be a lot, you'll have to consider it an appetizer, not the main dish. Anyways, people who need to or can purchase 25 Facebook post likes are:

  • Someone trying to set up a new business or page on the platform
  • People who are having a hard time getting their first few likes
  • Users looking to boost their post
  • Anyone who wants to increase their user engagement
  • People who never used paid services
  • New Facebook users
  • Someone who wants the boost yet prefers to keep his affiliation with paid service providers a secret.

These people usually want to purchase a small package of only 25 Facebook likes. Sometimes, some users just want to see their posts with many likes so they can brag in front of their friends, but that's very rare.

Why opt for Only 25 Facebook Likes

Why opt for Only 25 Facebook Likes?


There are countless reasons why someone would want to buy only 25 Facebook likes. However, it isn't possible to describe them all, so I'm just going to talk about the major ones only.

Increase the Authority of Your Post

The audience engagement on your post decides its credibility. The more likes a content has, the better the chances it brings in organic users.

Social proof is undoubtedly one of the most important things for an online business owner or a content creator. However, without user engagement, you'll have nothing concrete to show your audience.

So, even if it's only 25 likes, it is still better than having zero engagement. Remember, people only trust or wait to see a post when it's interesting or when it has a high number of likes and comments.


The best thing about small packages is that they are easy on the budget and don't require you to go overboard.

So, if you are running low on cash or don't have the necessary investment to start with bigger deals, you can try going with 25 Facebook likes.

Looking before Leaping

Looking before Leaping


You can never be too sure of something. Sometimes, you need to check out a product or service a couple of times to see its value. Similarly, if you aren't sure about the paid service provider, you can try buying, let's say, 25 Facebook likes as it's super cheap.

Once you have faith in your seller, you can start getting bigger and better deals. Apart from that, if you're new to buying and selling Facebook likes, you would probably want to set your eyes on a small package at first.

Once you get more familiar with it or see positive results from your previous purchase, you can set your mind on buying hundreds or thousands of likes.

Playing it Safe

Playing it Safe


Sometimes, even the biggest businesses or the most famous public figures tend to buy only 25 or 50 Facebook likes to reach their target. Now, the question is, if they purchase more, they can easily exceed their target, then why don't they?

Well, the reason is buying a ton of Facebook likes will help you reach out more to your target audience, but it may also make your existing followers suspect your page. 

Therefore, often people go with cheap and small packages to hide the fact that they are using paid services to boost their posts.

Why Does the Number of Likes Matter on Facebook

Why Does the Number of Likes Matter on Facebook?


Did you know that, on average, 1500 posts appear on the user's Facebook feed daily? And per day, an average of  4.75 billion items are shared on Facebook. Among all of the posts, how will you dictate which posts are high quality and which are not?

As a regular user, you will need to keep a few things in your mind. Factors that tell you whether a post is high-quality or not, the likes play a vital role. When a Facebook post has a reasonable number of likes, it means that the post has managed to offer value to its target audience.

On the other hand, when a post gets little to no likes, it means the content is not up to the mark. Therefore, content creators, influencers, and regular Facebook users target as many likes as possible. It is one of the signals that tell you whether you are doing well on Facebook or not.

Why Should You Buy 25 Facebook Likes

Why Should You Buy 25 Facebook Likes?


Facebook had roughly 2.91 billion active monthly users in the fourth quarter of 2021. This number can give you the idea that it’s easy for your posts to get the expected amount of likes. But, in reality, things are pretty different. 

Loads of Content Creators

Firstly, you are not the only one targeting your posts to stand out and get a reasonable number of likes. There are loads of other content creators and influencers that have the same goal as you. So, you can understand how tough the competition will be.

High Number of Posts Per Day

Secondly, even if you upload unique and high-quality content, you might not see your post get that much attention. Why? As we have mentioned, Facebook gets an average of 4.75 billion items daily. So, it will be pretty easy for your post to get lost among the other average posts.

Struggles of New Profile

Struggles of New Profile


Lastly, you will be in a much more challenging spot if you have a new profile. Most Facebook users are less likely to interact with new accounts. Most think the new accounts do not have to bring any value. So, even if you work hard and make your content stand out, you can get little to no attention if your account is new.

But, with our service, things will get much easier. You will make your Facebook posts get a headstart, which can help them go a long way. If the post is high quality, these 25 likes can potentially get you more organic likes. You will also see your post getting the proper attention.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 25 Facebook Likes

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying 25 Facebook likes and our services as a whole in this section.


Well, first of all, you can try reaching out to your audience using regular quality posts. If that doesn't help, you can use our help to gain more credibility and user engagement.

You can also try using Facebook ads to boost your posts, but that's expensive. Remember one thing, businesses that use live chat are likely to get 53% more sales. So, set up a live chat for your customers.


We, as an organization, take pride in our delivery speed. We ensure the fastest delivery time for the satisfaction of our customers. You'll receive the first like within a few minutes of the purchase, and the rest will come gradually to avoid drawing suspicion.


We at Social Kingo offer loads of different types of Facebook-like-related services. So, if you think that you cannot really work with 25 likes and want something more, you should check out our other packages. You can certainly find a package that can meet all your needs from the packages we have in store.


Our service stands out the most because we utilize nothing but high-quality profiles. That means we will not send random bots to press like on your post. For that reason, you can expect most likes to stay there until you delete the post, the post gets taken down, or the account gets deleted.


25 likes are not really enough to make your post go viral. You will need more than that. However, it does not mean that 25 likes will not help you in any regard. It will give your posts the headstart required to get an amplified number of likes, comments, and shares.

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Elora G. Wayne 


Buying 25 Facebook likes from SocialKingo helped me promote niche offers from my CPA platform. I could do with authentic likes and follows in my Facebook page. That’s exactly what I got! Happy with their service and how they are treating me!

Robert V. Atkins 


To be honest, I’m new to the concept of Facebook marketing and branding for myself. Hence, I chose a digital marketing agency to do it in my stead. I'm happy with how things are going. 25 likes on my posts every now and then help me increase my popularity and recognition for my art. And it's within my budget as well.

Jessie J. Ferrell


I just started out my business page on Facebook. However, it is not picking up any attention at all. My sale posts did not even get 10 likes. That is why I am very thankful for the service that SocialKingo is offering here.

It helped me to make my posts seem legitimate. And if you are not new to Facebook, you probably know how important legitimacy is for a business page.

Steven A. Nickerson


The fact that SocialKingo offers 25 likes at a very reasonable price amazed me. This service is what most new Facebook users look for. It is a great way to test things out or get a small headstart on your posts. Nonetheless, I definitely recommend the service to anyone.

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