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What Are Facebook Reactions and Why Does It Matter?


Facebook came out in 2004. And ever since, it has introduced new features to interact with others. Among all of them, the reactions to posts came out in 2016.

Reactions replaced the boring 'like' button. It allowed the users to interact with others meaningfully without needing to write comments.

Now, the reactions matter a lot. 1500 average number of posts are eligible to get on the users' feed each day.

As a regular user, can you interact with all of them?

Well, reactions make it possible to interact with most of the posts you come across. And you will not even need to put comments to interact with the posts meaningfully.

It's simple! You need to hold the like button, and you will see six different emojis pop up. That includes love, care, wow, haha, sad, and angry. Each of them can help you to interact meaningfully. And all it takes is just two to three seconds. That is why every user has been using reactions since it came out on Facebook.

What Does It Mean to Have a High Number of Reactions on a Post?


As we have mentioned earlier, the reactions to the posts matter a lot. It is seen as the easiest way to interact with posts and other users.

In that sense, when a post gets a lot of reactions, it means that the post was capable of capturing the audience's attention. It was worth interacting with, which is precisely why it got so many interactions.

On the other hand, when a post gets little to no reactions at all, it means that the content did not have a good reach. Even if it did gain a proper reach, it could not grab the attention of the targeted audience. And if a post does not have good content, it will not get a good number of reactions.

Now, you have probably guessed what a regular user would do if they see that a post has a high number of reactions. Yes, they will think that the post is valuable and more likely to interact with it. However, when a post does not have a high level of reaction, the users who stumble upon it might not be that attracted.

Why Should You Buy Facebook Reactions?


Although it might seem easy to naturally get reactions on your uploads, a lot of things play a role here. Allow us to explain each of them to give you a better idea: 

Number of Posts Per Day

Did you know that Facebook gets 4.75 billion new items on the platform each day? Yes! And again, 1500 average number of posts are eligible to get on the users' feed per day.

Now, imagine how easy it will be for your post to get lost among all these new items that are being uploaded every second. Even if you think you have a highly engaging and high-quality post, your content might not reach 10 percent of your targeted audience.

Number of Content Creators


The thing is, Facebook has a load of content creators and influencers on the platform. Like you, all these accounts try to get as much attention as possible on their posts.

These profiles will try to put out content that will be better than their previous ones. Also, they will grind to ensure that their posts stand out from the competitors. That makes the competition much more intense.

Even if you think you are putting out something highly engaging, there will be a high chance of someone else beating you to it.

However, things can get a bit more manageable for you after purchasing the Facebook reactions. It will make your post get the right amount of boost, eventually getting the right amount of attention.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Purchase Facebook Reactions?


When you get the paid Facebook reactions, you make your post get a proper amount of boost. And that will eventually give your post an enhanced amount of attention on the platform. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The service that we are offering here can bring much more to the table. Allow us to explain!

Boost in Legitimacy

First of all, the boost you will get will seem legit. For example, if your post was something that should have wowed people and if you get wow reactions, you will make your post gain more attraction. When other users come across the post, they will notice that you already have a fair number of the same reaction.

Attract More Users


Seeing that you are legit, the users want to know what your post is about. In other words, with the purchase of Facebook reactions, you will be making your post more attractive to other people. Now, when those users see what your post is about, they might even engage with it if they find your content interesting.

In fact, if your post has managed to offer those users a high level of value, they will even share or comment on the content. And those engagement factors will make your post get an enormous amount of reach. You can make your way to everyone on your Facebook friend list.

Most of the challenges discussed in the previous segment will be out of the list after purchasing the Facebook reactions. You will not struggle that much to help your posts get the right amount of attention.

Can I Gain More Followers or Likes on My Page After I Get the Paid Facebook Reactions?


As we have mentioned, the purchase will make your post get high attention overall. And if your uploads have good content, they will get tons of shares. That will help your post get high visibility and eventually make its way to loads of different users' feeds.

Basically, your post can get an increased reach.

When your content starts to get shared, you will increase the chances of making your profile grow. In other words, you can improve the possibility of your profile getting a high number of followers or getting a lot of likes on your page. When your post gets a high reach, it will be visible to tons of users on Facebook.

If the users who stumble upon your post see that it is unique and offers them value, they will not hesitate to interact with it. But that is not all! If your content is high in quality, the users will even click on your profile. Why? To see what other content you have to offer.

That will make your recently uploaded posts get a proper level of attention. And if those users find out that you are consistent with your uploads and each is engagement-worthy, they will try to stay connected. In other words, they will like your page or give you a follow.

With that, you would increase your follower or like count. And when that happens, your future posts will not struggle to get the right level of attention. They will ramp up the engagement level pretty quickly.

What Reaction Should You Purchase?


When choosing the reactions, you need to consider what your targeted post is about. Is the content informing something? Then, you would want to select the wow or like reaction. Secondly, is your post trying to make the viewers laugh? In that case, haha would be the proper reaction.

Likewise, if the post is about spreading love, care or love would be the proper reaction. And finally, ANGRY should be your go-to pick if you are ranting about something. Lastly, for sad reactions, the content could be emotional or saddening. However, you do have the option to mix and match reactions.

That can give your post a higher level of legitimacy. You see, not all users who stumble upon your post will have the same perspective on the content. For example, you could have posted something that some people will agree with while some will not. In that case, you would want to pick the wow and angry.

How Many Reactions Should I Purchase?


The higher the number of reactions, the better. With a higher number of reactions, you will make your post get an increased amount of engagement. And the more engagement you get on your content, the more it will attract people. Let us explain this with an example. Consider yourself a regular user just surfing through the Facebook feed. 

You stumble upon a couple of posts, but some of those posts have only 40 to 50 reactions. On the other hand, you notice that other ones have more than 1K reactions. Which one would you be more likely to interact with? The one with the 1K reactions, right? For that reason, you should get as many reactions as possible. 

After the purchase, aim to get as many organic reactions as possible. However, you need to consider one fact – Facebook users will value high-quality posts over others. So, if you target a low-quality or average post with the reactions, you might not get the expected results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of answers to common questions about our service. If you didn't find your questions here - contact us.


You can purchase as many different reactions as you want for all posts. In fact, you can place an order for each (like, heart, haha, wow, care, sad, and angry). We will ensure that each of your orders is delivered accordingly. And after the delivery, your post can look legit if the content deserves all the reactions.


The growth will depend on how many reactions you are getting and how you are utilizing the reactions. For example, if you get tons of reactions for a post that is not engaging or does not excel in quality, you will see little to no growth on your profile.


Unlike the other services, we do not utilize any bots. Instead, we will send over high-quality profiles to react to your posts. And compared to bots, real profiles do not get banned that easily. Instead, Facebook will consider these reactions as legit engagements. Therefore, you can expect the reactions to stay there until you delete the post.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew M. Thompson


The fact that you do not have to go through any hassles to place orders is a blessing for this package. I needed four different reactions for my post. And I did not have to go through any extra steps or waste additional time placing the orders.

Also, I got the delivery at the right time. I did not have to wait longer than I had to. So, overall, I am pretty satisfied with what the team is offering here.

Jason T. Maddox


There are not many services offering legit reaction packages for Facebook. I looked for a lot! So, I was amazed to find out that SocialKingo offers such packages.

And just like previous times, Social Kingo has impressed me with the delivery process. The team knows what they are doing and handles everything like a pro. 10/10 will recommend it!

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