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What Exactly Is IGTV

What Exactly Is IGTV?


If you are not living under the rock, you might have heard about the video platform TikTok. Seeing how much success TikTok got over such a short time, different social media are implementing their own take. And IGTV is Instagram's take on TikTok.

Instagram introduced the platform in 2018 and has the same basics as TikTok. Many people know IGTV as Instagram TV or Instagram Television. Well, no matter what you know it as, you will be capable of creating long-form vertical videos with IGTV. And the videos can have varying lengths, from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

That said, there will be no need to download or install a separate app to get IGTV. It is an embedded feature on Instagram, meaning if you have installed the Instagram app, you have installed IGTV too.

However, that is only applicable to content consumers. If you are a content creator, you must install an app to create the videos.

Why Does the View Count Matter on IGTV

Why Does the View Count Matter on IGTV?


Even though IGTV was recently released, Instagram has been out since 2010. And ever since then, the platform has been gaining more and more users. Currently, Instagram has roughly 1 billion monthly active users. Now, that is a lot of users. And as IGTV is an embedded app, it means that IGTV has the same number of users.

Views Attract Users

You might not know this, but Instagram users are highly picky. They will not just interact with any IGTV video that they will stumble upon. Instead, they will look for value beforehand. If a video does not seem to offer any value, they will not bother even staying on it for 10 seconds.

Now, when it comes to dictating whether a video has to offer value or not, the users will consider a couple of things. They will consider the number of views, comments, engagement, and other things. However, the number of views plays the most crucial role among them.

Users Can Easily See the View Count

If you head over to your explore feed and click on an IGTV video, you will notice that the view count is the first thing visible under the video. So, as a regular user, wouldn't you be more likely to scroll through the video if you see that the video has little to no views at all?

Well, the case is the same for all of the other users. They will also be more likely to do the same thing if they stumble upon an IGTV video with little to no views. For that reason, the content creators aim to get as many views as possible on their videos.

What Does It Mean to Have a High View Count on IGTV

What Does It Mean to Have a High View Count on IGTV?


As we have mentioned earlier, the view count is a pretty important signal for an IGTV video. It can tell a lot to the other users. In fact, a video with a high view count becomes more attractive to the users. People would be more likely to stay until the end of the video to see what it is all about.

But that is not all!

When an IGTV video gets a high view count, it shows that the content creator can offer proper value, information, and entertainment to a great extent. They are considered successful at making the video and getting to the right audience. For that reason, the content creators monitor the view count to check their performance on the platform.

Basically, when the videos get a high number of views, it means that the content is doing well. On the other hand, if the content does not get a reasonably high number of views, it means it has failed to capture the audience's attention. Or it has been unable to provide value to the audience.

Why Should You Buy IGTV View

Why Should You Buy IGTV View?


Because Instagram has 1 billion active users, it will be pretty natural for you to think that getting a high level of attention on your IGTV videos will be pretty easy. But the case is not really that simple.

You Are Not the Only One

You first need to consider that you are not the only one aiming to get a high view count.

Like you, there are tons of other content creators and influencers. In fact, in 2020, Instagram had 30 million of them. Note that this stat is only talking about amateur content creators. Also, currently, there are 500 thousand active influencers on Instagram.

These content creators and influencers take full advantage of IGTV and try to draw attention to their profiles using this video feature. And to do so, they target a high view count with high-quality videos. You can understand the level of competition.

Level of Competition Present on Instagram

Level of Competition Present on Instagram


You might argue that you can easily beat those content creators and influencers by providing unique videos. But you cannot forget the fact that 95 million posts per day make their way to Instagram. And your unique IGTV post can easily drown in the sea of other average content.

Things will get much hard for you if you are new to the platform. You see, most Instagram users tend not to interact with new profiles. Most think the new profiles do not offer any value. So, even if you provide high-quality IGTV content, you might not get any attention if you are relatively new.

However, things become a bit easier when you get paid views. You will make your video get a proper boost, allowing it to reach higher. And eventually, you will make your profile grow on the platform.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Purchase IGTV View

What Benefits Will You Enjoy After You Purchase IGTV View?


After you purchase the IGTV views, you will give your video a proper boost. However, that is just the first half of the story. Our service can bring much more to the table. 

Instant Value

First of all, you will make your IGTV video get an instant value after the purchase. The paid views will make your video more attractive.

Increase in Engagement

Secondly, the Instagram algorithm will count those views as an engagement. And suppose the engagement level is reasonably high. In that case, the algorithm will pick it up and start to showcase your IGTV videos on the explore feed. Your content will be visible to millions and millions of Instagram users in the explore feed.

High Overall Reach

The best part is that the users that will stumble upon your IGTV video on the explore feed will not be from your follower list. That means you can basically enhance the overall reach of your video if you can make your video reach the explore feed. After that, your video will start to pile up organic likes.

Would It Be Possible to Gain More Followers After You Get IGTV Views

Would It Be Possible to Gain More Followers After You Get IGTV Views?


You will increase the chances of getting a total profile growth after purchasing the IGTV view. Want to know how? As we have mentioned earlier, the views will be seen as engagement for the Instagram algorithm. And when the engagement rate is up to the level, it will start to show your video on the explore feed.

After your video reaches the explore feed, it will be visible even to the users not on your follower list. And if your video really has to offer value to these users, they will be more likely to engage with it. That will further enhance the reach and engagement rate of the video.

Additionally, suppose the users really get value from your video and find it interesting. In that case, they will even check out your profile. Wondering why? To check what other content you have to offer. That will bring attention to your recently uploaded content.

Eventually, when they find out that you are actually offering tons of value through your content. They will start to follow you. They would want to stay updated with what you post in the future. That would eventually make your future posts get proper attention.

However, this will only happen if you target a high-quality video. The views will not do much if you target an average IGTV content. They will just increase the view count, making your content get a fake value.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying IGTV Views

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying IGTV views and our services as a whole in this section.


Let us answer this with an example.

Consider yourself a regular user looking to get entertained through IGTV videos, and you stumble upon four or more content. One has more than 1000 views, while the others are just around 100 or 200. 


The thing about our service is that we use high-quality profiles. Compared to bots, quality profiles do not get banned that easily. That means the views you will get will be seen as legit by the Instagram algorithm. And they will not disappear after a while.


You definitely can place orders for all of your IGTV videos. We will ensure that each of your orders is handled accordingly. However, you should remember that Instagram users value high-quality content over everything. So, if you boost an average video, you might not get the expected results.


The thing about boosts is no one will admit that they got it. According to them, it will make their fans question their legitimacy. However, you need to understand that you are not doing anything wrong by getting the boost.

Think of it like a paid headstart that is a key to your success.


Absolutely not! The paid views will come up as regular views. And if you were wondering if they will notice that your content has so many views suddenly, they will probably think that you have hit the jackpot and become viral.

In fact, most well-off Instagram accounts just needed one content to get a high reach to get to their current position. One viral video can change a lot of things.

The one with 1K views, right? For that reason, we recommend getting as many views as possible.

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