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How to Buy LinkedIn Connections?

Follow these simple steps! It’s easier that you think.

Choose Your Package

We have diversified LinkedIn connection packages for everyone. The bigger packages are more economical. Select the package of your need.

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Why Should You Buy LinkedIn Connections From Us?

We work with you as a partner rather than just a service provider. We can execute your campaigns quickly and efficiently by combining our marketing expertise, technical ability, and long-term experience.

Award-Winning Support

Our team is passionate about opportunities to serve & solving complex campaign problems. Whatever your issue is, our team is available 24/7!

Faster Delivery

Our delivery is above industry standard. We start working the moment you make the payment. Most of our orders are delivered within 24 hours.

High-Quality Profile

We are a group of veteran marketers. We know how important it is for the brand image to maintain high-quality profile engagement.

Low Prices

We are ridiculously low priced. As a 360-degree social media partner, we want to work with you for a long time, so we focus on your campaign ROI.

Why should you consider buying Linkedin connections?

It is believed that connections on LinkedIn increase the chance of getting hired by 35%.




......coz Recruiters and Managers are on LinkedIn!


And pretty much trust & rely on Linkedin for getting people with skills & experience. So if you are a professional, you should definitely consider building your Linkedin connection because it will give them more visibility and recognition within your industry.


Keep in mind.........


The only way on earth to build the credibility of your Linkedin profile is to connect more (well, with the right people).

Attract, Engage, connect & Delight with us!!!

When considering the buying of Linkedin connections, you will weigh the benefits against the cost (obviously). As we all know, Linkedin is a B2B platform for networking professionals in their respective fields. 


Can’t figure out how to target the right people?


Let us save you from this mess. And we are good at it, actually. Socialkingo has a secret recipe for finding individuals that share the same career interest with your profession and also bring their own unique traits to the table. 


If you think we would fit into a requirement to boost your connection, jump into our plans straight. 


We got a heart- heart-centered 5 steps strategy (of course proven) to make a new connection with your same vibe people. The best part is, it’s surprisingly cheap!


Just give it a try, man..... 100% guarantee you will thank us later.

Buy LinkedIn Connections to Boost Up Your Business


Let's get this straight. LinkedIn is the place for any marketing agency or individual to network and grow their business exponentially. Why? Well, this is a "No-nonsense" platform by business owners FOR business owners. 

A Linkedin profile with 5000 genuinely interested people will help you get a lead faster than a new one. Imagine what you could do with super-targeted connections in your niche. I'm talking to "People" who are into your products and services and want you to help them.

That's where we come in. At Socialkingo], we market your LinkedIn Profile or Company Page through legitimate channels and networks. Our marketing execs will receive your profile and promote it to your specifications for high-quality connections. We're talking about people who'll talk to you, show interest, and want to avail your services or products. We do all of these at an affordable price.

You Need Instant Linkedin Followers and Connections - Here's Why!


Let me be frank with you: Connections work wonders when you're in the digital marketing business. When you have Digital Marketing, Content, Web Design and development, and SEO services to offer, LinkedIn offers you a targeted customer base who's eager to know, interact, and share ideas with you.

If things go well, they'll even contact you for their needed services. In short, this social media platform has the potential to offer you leads alongside existing clients. Don't have clients yet? No problem! LinkedIn is the place where you'll get High-Ticket gigs and long-term opportunities. 

Trust me, all you need are active and real accounts that we help you to reach. What better way to connect than to start immediately? 

Don't worry; we don't fake outs. Our marketing channels are ready and at your command. We have groups and influencer profiles with real people and companies. And they all need reliable service providers/product marketers. We can get started right away!

Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Connections - You Need to Hear These!


Instant service is one thing, but LinkedIn Accounts with spread-out followers have certain long-term perks. Especially if someone doesn't use an automation tool for the job and brings in authentic people as 1st, 2nd, or third-level connections, let me explain!

Real LinkedIn Connections by the Numbers Gets You Recognized!

When you're out to offer a product or a service, no one trusts a new LinkedIn Account. Professionals judge you by your followers, much like Facebook or Twitter. Buying LinkedIn Connections gives you that initial boost as a person or a company page to get things going. Not to mention, the guys we market your profile to... are of high quality and opinionated.

LinkedIn Endorsements Boost Your Reputation!

Whether from an account or a company page, offering solutions to other peoples' problems sets you on slow but surefire success. People or companies get something useful from you, remember you, and come back when they're in a pinch. Well, that's the standard way of climbing up the ladder.

However, with this platform, there's a twist! If you fill up your profile with required, legit, and special skills (you can highlight your specializations)... it helps. Complete tasks your LinkedIn clients give you and they'll recommend you in return. These are called "LinkedIn Endorsements." 

Call these upvotes or tokens. These signify how many people vouch for your service and certify that it's good. Having such testimonies help, don't they? Well, you can have them as well. Just buy LinkedIn connections from us and get to what you do best. Working, providing services, and products, and growing your client base... the sky is the limit!

Market Your Business to an Untapped Ocean of Potential Clients

Here's a cool bit of info for you. LinkedIn is home to more than 500 million people and companies. Yes, other social media platforms might have more users and active members. However, LinkedIn is unique. This platform hosts professionals from various areas. You'll get teachers, digital marketers, poets, automotive business people, and even plumbing agencies. We're not kidding!

Imagine you have a new account and have 100 people as connections. Those 100 have the same number of people connected to them. At the 3rd level, each person has another 100 people connected to them. The number amounts up to a million. That's not even the start of things.

Remember, we said 500 million people have LinkedIn Profiles or Company Representations? More than 200 million of them are from the US. Imagine how many clients you're missing out on. Buying Connections through our premium services can help you reach worldwide followers and market your products/services better. 

However, things don't stop there. You can find yourselves employees as well. Polish and market your services better, and you might even get business partners through the platform. The possibilities are endless! Don't work hard; work smart. 

Job Seekers Should Will Reap Exponential Benefits Through Our Service!

Don't think that service providers or companies alone can opt for our services. If you're a job seeker and need help getting noticed, we're also here for you. The deal is pretty much the same. You give us the LinkedIn Profile URL, and we take some time and market you to the appropriate people/companies.

There's a twist. Obviously!

People and companies we market to will have vacancies suiting your expertise. Having them as LinkedIn connections is like having opportunities to drop your resume repeatedly. Whenever an opening presents itself, drop your resume. In the meantime, do regular posts of your portfolio, and work samples, and contribute to appropriate groups that have people matching your credentials.

Soon, you'll get noticed and get picked up by one of the big fishes. Testimonials from our clients tell us they got picked up within 15 days. A result we're proud of!

We'll Do All The Work While You Focus on Business Growth

Buying LinkedIn Connections takes literally 5 - 10 minutes. All we need from you is your LinkedIn Profile URL. Then, you follow the steps and confirm payment. That's it.

From that point on, you'll have to focus on the things you do best. Be it polishing your products/services or working on business growth. Socialkingo takes all the hassle while you make some money through the network empire we're building for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying LinkedIn Connections

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying LinkedIn connections and our services as a whole in this section.

Our Linkedin connections services are delivered gradually. You will start seeing some activity on your account within the first 2-5 minutes of placing the order. All of our services are predominantly delivered within 24 hours.

We provide high-quality Linkedin connections to our customers. All of our accounts are of high quality and active. If you have any specific questions about our Linkedin connections, feel free to contact us.

Buying Linkedin connections is completely safe with us. We provide high-quality Linkedin connections to your account, so your account looks normal. So you don’t need to be worried about our Linkedin connections at all.

We just need the URL/Username where you want our Linkedin connections to be delivered. We don’t require your password. So, your account is always safe.

We only require the URL/Username to deliver Linkedin connections. So, you can technically place an order for anyone. You don’t need to have access to that account.

We periodically run various campaigns and promotions. You can also contact us directly if you have any large orders that need to be processed. Our team is always eager to help.

We are a privacy-focused company, and we don’t directly share our customer details with third parties. Our Linkedin connections services are delivered discreetly. Our Linkedin connections is delivered gradually over a period of time, so it looks as natural as possible.

Technically, it’s almost impossible to find out that you bought the Linkedin connections from us.

Yes. You can place orders for as many packages as you want for our Linkedin connections services, but each order must be delivered before we can start working on your second order.


You can place multiple orders at a time or wait until the first order is successfully delivered. If you place multiple orders before delivery, we will manually process the orders one by one. So, it will require a longer delivery time.

Unfortunately, No. As we don’t require the password for your account, we can’t access the private contents too. We can only process orders for public account/URL.


However, you can make your account / URL public when placing the order. So we can deliver your Linkedin connections, and later you can make it private again.

If you don’t find the package of Linkedin connections you want to order, we recommend selecting one that we already have available on our website. But if you need a custom package, please feel free to contact our support. We will be happy to help you with a custom package based on your requirements.


We won't tell you this is a no-drop guarantee. Social Kingo does not use spambots and plays the numbers game here. Our marketing team is working hard to help you reach authentic people with real needs and opinions. 

If you do nothing and don't interact with the people on your list, they CAN unfollow you soon. You'll have to keep your profile in order, make regular announcements, and do LinkedIn posts with meaningful content that focuses on your service to retain them over time.


Like we told you, we don't deliver fake followers and connections. Every connection you'll get is legit with real pictures, backgrounds, locations, and history. You get the idea. They'll ask questions, comment, and share on your LinkedIn posts. You have to cater to them to the best of your abilities.

The users we market to are not only confined to the USA like others. We deliver worldwide followers and connections. Get in touch with us and tell us which country you're aiming for. It'll take just a couple of minutes for us to confirm. 


This part is really easy. Just go to your LinkedIn profile settings and find "Who Can See My Connections." The next thing to do is to set the parameters to "Only Me." You're done! Just like that! Here's the URL for your convenience:


Thanks for asking! We offer some of the best LinkedIn services in the market. Do you need a custom solution? We can do that too! Feel free to contact us.


Let’s See What Our Clients Say About Our Services!

Our happy customers feedback

John Reeves

I used to think, “Linkedin Connections are a Myth.” Well, that’s until I got in touch with the Social Kingo guys. I chose the package and informed these guys. 

The rest of the process happened in a jiffy. 4 days later, I got 3K Linkedin Connections. At long last, I was able to cater my brand of pop music to my audiences.

Jill Goodman

Davis did on YouTube. Problem was, I didn’t have anyone to listen to what I do. That’s why I opted for a bit of quick fame on Linkedin with followers of my own.

I got in touch with these guys and started small. Luckily, I wasn’t scammed. Yes, my Linkedin Connections count increased within a week or so. 

John Reeves


So, I approached Socialkingo for a LinkedIn Boost back in October last year. I'd been jobless due to the pandemic and was doing small-time gigs. Initially, I played it safe, opting for 1k connections. They delivered it within 7 days. I started dropping my resume 15 days later.

I didn't expect the replies to come through. You wouldn't blame me, would you? Especially, with all the fake bots all around. I was skeptical. But replies DID start pouring in after about a month and a half. Now, I'm working as a EEE engineer. My investment and time with them paid off. Thanks, Social Kingo!

Ronnie Jemmerson 


I won't lie to you. I already had decent connections in my LinkedIn Account. All I wanted was a small push to get me over 10000 connections on my Company Page. I opted for their customized premium service. It took them a week or so to go from 2k connections to 10k. I didn't expect such rapid growth.

Naturally, I was skeptical at first. But after nurturing the account for about a quarter of a year, I started getting clients. I don't mean from the US only. I got 15 or so prospects and filtered out 10. Two of my biggest clients are from Australia and Ontario, Canada, respectively. 

Hence, I expanded my business and got in touch with people to make sure I launched my own projects. Fast forward six months, and I'm making 30 grand a month now. Cheers!

Why Our Company? 

We provide only quality services for all social media. Don't worry, we involve only real people to all processes.