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The Importance of LinkedIn and Its Shares

The Importance of LinkedIn and Its Shares


Unless you've been living in a cave, there is no way you haven't heard of LinkedIn. That's how integral this site has become to the professional community, no matter the niche.


From creating a large community to hiring people — everything can now be done with LinkedIn. A user base with millions of users means you can gain a lot from it, given that you do things right. 

And among the various metrics that LinkedIn has (likes or comments, for example), shares are among the most effective ones. Unlike the rest, shares get your posts or articles more reach in the community. 

Therefore, making the most out of LinkedIn is something you should pursue. 

Reaching a Larger Audience through Buying LinkedIn Post Shares

Reaching a Larger Audience through Buying LinkedIn Post Shares


LinkedIn performs similarly to many other sites. The more followers and engagement you have, the better your reach is. But how do you reach more people without a sizeable follower base or connections? 

That is what shares excel at. When a user shares something posted by you, all of that person's connections will be able to see your post on their feed. Without shares, there wouldn't be any other way to reach demographics with which you have no mutual connections. 

And since all of these shares get you to new users, you create a much larger audience than before. What's better is that this audience keeps growing bigger even after you are done with our services. How, you ask? 

Buy LinkedIn Post Shares and Get Better Organic Results

Buy LinkedIn Post Shares and Get Better Organic Results 


Anyone starting from scratch knows how difficult it is to increase your exposure. This is because you can't reach more people without having a decent number of followers, at the very least. 

Doesn't getting new followers first require increasing your exposure, though? 

It does, and that's the dilemma people find themselves in. The only way to get out of that ditch is to give yourself a boost, which is what the shares do. Once you get them, other users will realize that you're providing content worth people's time. 

That alone can compel people to start following you. The more views you get through the shares, the more possibilities for other users to visit and interact with your profile. 

Get Better Search Ranking

Get Better Search Ranking


Much of what we do these days is done through searching. In this case, people could search using search engines or LinkedIn based on their needs. Getting yourself some shares can help you rank higher in both. 

One of the first search engine ranking criteria is how much interaction and engagement something has. That's a crucial metric in determining which piece of content is worth showing people. 

When you have more interaction or shares, they'll find that you have managed to provide people with relevant content. The higher engagement from the real accounts that Social Kingo provides will ensure that. 

The same goes for LinkedIn as well. The possibility of you ranking better through any relevant keywords becomes significantly higher. 

Moving Ahead of Competitors

Moving Ahead of Competitors


While everyone realizes the importance LinkedIn holds, not all of them make a move to cash in on that. Let's say some of your competitors haven't tried to get more exposure on LinkedIn, unlike you. 

As a result, you would start getting more exposure on the site and in your niche. These are time-sensitive, meaning you can receive a leg up compared to the rest. 

This advantage is essential in any service or business. Not only do you create a larger network quickly, but this edge tends to keep giving you benefits throughout the years. 

Buying LinkedIn Post Shares Grants You More Influence and Visibility

Buying LinkedIn Post Shares Grants You More Influence and Visibility


There is quite a visible competition among users to be in a position of influence, especially on LinkedIn. Shares can boost your place in this aspect as well. 

In most cases, users look at the numbers to quickly determine the worth of their account or brand. Once you receive shares quickly, it tells people you're churning out quality content. 

Consequently, this results in more and more users checking you out, following you, and sharing your posts. That's the first step to getting to a position of influence! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying LinkedIn Post Shares

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying LinkedIn post shares and our services as a whole in this section.


That's simple. Since we guarantee you'll receive the shares from legitimate accounts, just visiting the profiles should suffice. You'll see that those accounts belong to people active in the community. This is a mandatory step to ensure that nothing goes against LinkedIn's terms and services, so rest assured. 


No, they do not. When we get the accounts to share your posts, we do not specify a single geographical location by default. The biggest reason is that it makes things look more trustworthy. Getting all your shares from one tiny area doesn't always look right. 

But if you think that is what you need, you can contact us when purchasing the shares. That way, we can cater the package you buy according to your needs as much as possible.  


Thanks for asking! We offer some of the best LinkedIn services in the market. Do you need a custom solution? We can do that too! Feel free to contact us.


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I created a post with all of my brand's plans and goals to ensure that everything is highlighted in one place. However, it didn't seem to receive a lot of interaction from people. 

That is when I bought a bunch of followers to see if that made any difference. The shares were done within two days of me placing the order. The customer service was just as responsive, and I returned a happy customer!

Greg L. Jackson


I only recently started becoming active on LinkedIn. Not getting my business online when the rest of the world did was perhaps a wrong move because it was challenging to reach new users quickly. Buying the shares for my posts seemed like the only feasible option, so that's what I did to level the playing field. Fortunately, the field seems pretty level from where I am standing now! 

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