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Why Does the Follower Count Matter on Snapchat

Why Does the Follower Count Matter on Snapchat?


Snapchat came out in 2011. And ever since its inception, it has been continuously growing. In 2021, there were 319 million daily active users on the platform. And currently, the numbers are more than 319 million as it has gained much popularity over time. But the thing is, the regular users of Snapchat are highly picky.

They will only be interested in the accounts that have to offer value. And ever since Snapchat has made it possible to display the follower count publicly, things have now been easier for the user. Now, they do not even have to go through the Snap points to analyze whether the profile is active or has to offer value or not.

Instead, the users will just check the follower count to judge whether they should follow the account or not. Now, it goes without saying that when an account has a reasonably high follower count, it means that the content from the profile will be highly engaging. And as you might know, Snapchat is all about media consumption.

What Does It Mean to Have a High Follower Count on Snapchat

What Does It Mean to Have a High Follower Count on Snapchat?


As we have already mentioned, the follower count plays a crucial role in Snapchat. For most users, it can tell them the value of a profile and whether a profile is worth interacting with or not. Now, when you have high Snapchat followers, your account has to provide a high level of value.

The higher follower count would translate to your stories' higher reach and reactions. A high follower count also means you properly grasp your targeted audience. And you could offer proper value to your audience. That’s why content creators, influencers, and well-off accounts monitor the follower count.

That said, if the account does not get a high number of followers, it states that it is not doing well on Snapchat. On the other hand, when the account gets tons of followers, it states that the profile is getting proper attention and is doing well on the platform.

How Does the Number of Followers Affect the Snapchat Algorithm

How Does the Number of Followers Affect the Snapchat Algorithm?


You might already know this by now, Snapchat has its own algorithm. Yes, the platform relies on this algorithm to get high-quality stories for the featured/discover section. Only the highly engaging stories that offer value will be visible in the discover section.

The question that might be going through your mind is what role the follower count has to play in this regard. A high number of followers automatically means you will have a higher reach. A higher reach means you can get many interactions on your stories.

That means when you put out a story as a public story; it becomes visible to your friends. And if they want, they can repost it and share it around. When the algorithm sees that you have high interactions on your story, it will pick your snap up. Then, the algorithm will showcase it in the featured section.

Why Should You Purchase Snapchat Followers

Why Should You Purchase Snapchat Followers?


The fact that Snapchat had 319 million daily active users in 2021 can give you the idea that it will be pretty easy to make your profile gain followers. However, the case is not that simple. 

Number of Influencers and Content Creators

First, you need to understand that not all 319 million accounts are regular users. There are influencers and content creators as well.

Like you, those influencers and content creators want as many followers as possible on their accounts. And to do so, they will put out high-quality and highly polished stories and snaps. 

Even if you think you have something unique to offer, there is a high chance that other accounts or your competitors will beat you to it.

The Number of Snaps

The Number of Snaps


Furthermore, users open Snapchat at least 20 times a day. So, you can understand their chances of posting at least one story within that 20 times. Also, the total number of stories present throughout an entire day gets viewed 10 billion times. Again, you can understand how tough the competition is on Snapchat.

Alongside that, you need to consider another thing most users don’t tend to interact with new accounts. According to those users, the new accounts don’t have any value to offer. For that reason, you might be in a challenging spot if you are relatively new to the platform.

But the good news is that when you purchase the followers, you make your account get a proper boost. That boost will eliminate most of the challenges and issues we have discussed. And eventually, you can make your Snapchat account well ahead of the competition.

What Benefits Will You Gain After You Purchase Snapchat Followers

What Benefits Will You Gain After You Purchase Snapchat Followers?


First, you need to understand that Snapchat is built for consumption. Users are on this platform to stay connected with their friends, catch up with the current trends, and consume media. And when it comes to choosing content to consume media and getting entertained, the users are highly picky.

As we have already mentioned earlier, the users will not just follow a random Snapchat user that they come across. Instead, they will consider how much value the profile is actually providing. And when the users see that you already have a good number of followers, they will be more likely to interact with you.

But that is not all! You automatically get a higher reach when you have a high follower count. That means you can get your content spread out on Snapchat. 

And the more the users know what you are capable of providing, the more organic followers you will gain. In fact, if your stories are high in quality, these users will even share them around.

Can I Get Gold Star After I Get Paid Snapchat Followers

Can I Get Gold Star After I Get Paid Snapchat Followers?


When you get the gold star, you get verified on Snapchat. The verified profiles get great overall attention compared to regular content creators and influencers. Basically, the badge makes them get instant value. Now, the elephant of the room is whether the paid followers can get you the gold star or not.

Well, one of the criteria to get verified on Snapchat is to get 50000 views on the stories. Even though 50K might not sound like a lot, getting that many views on your stories is pretty hard. And you will not get close to 50K views on your stories without a high number of followers.

In other words, getting 50K views on your stories before they expire can become a bit easy with a high number of followers. However, Snapchat users to get entertained by high-quality posts. And highly engaging and high-quality posts are all they would want to consume.

That means even if you get a high number of followers, you might not be capable of completing the 50K views criteria if you do not provide value with stories. The story will not just get enough reach.

If your story does not get a high reach, its chances of getting a high number of views will be reasonably low. For that reason, you need to put out high-quality and unique stories to get all the benefits paid followers have to bring to the table.

What Is the Difference Between Fake and Real Paid Followers

What Is the Difference Between Fake and Real Paid Followers?


When talking about real paid followers, you will be referring to what we offer here. We will send profiles with real people behind them to follow you. That means you will not be just increasing the follower count of your profile. Instead, you will be enhancing the overall value of your profile.

You might argue that not all of the followers you will purchase will interact with the content you have to share. But the thing is, if your content is high in quality, a significant chunk of the paid followers will engage with your stories. Eventually, you can enhance your overall reach and make your profile gain a lot of value.

However, the case will not be the same for the fake followers, which are basically nothing but bots. Now, you know, bots are just computer-generated profiles. These profiles do not interact on their own. So, you will be just increasing the follower count of the profile. And that will not bring you any benefits at all.

How Many Followers Should You Purchase

How Many Followers Should You Purchase?


That will depend on how much you want your profile to stand out. Nonetheless, generally, the higher the follower count, the better. Let us explain it with an example. You stumble upon four users that have a high follower count. One has more than 20K followers, while the others are at 9K to 10K.

Which one would you be more likely to follow among those users? The one with 20K followers, right? Well, like you, the other users would make the same decision. For that reason, getting as many followers as possible is pretty important.

Considering that, we would recommend purchasing as many followers as you can. Then, try to step up your Snapchat game and get more organic followers.

Will Business Snapchat Profiles Benefit from Purchasing Followers

Will Business Snapchat Profiles Benefit from Purchasing Followers?


If you get into the discover feed, you will notice a lot of promotional content. The brands have been utilizing Snapchat to promote their presence, products, and services. And a lot of them are getting major success from using Snapchat as a marketing tool.

Take Domino’s, for example. Using Snapchat as a marketing tool, this pizza place has gained eight points in brand awareness, fifteen points in the message, and six points in action intent. In short, the fast-food chain has established a good brand image and drove sales through the ads. 

Now, you could be telling the same story as well. You need to get followers from us and then create stellar promotional content. After that, you will notice that your promotional content has received great attention. And that will eventually allow you to drive more sales and generate more profit in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Snapchat Followers

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying SnapChat followers and our services as a whole in this section.


The growth will mainly depend on how many followers you get and how effectively you use the paid followers. You will not get immense growth if you offer average quality content, no matter how many followers you have. 

On the other hand, you might not get any attention if you do not have a high follower count, even when you are providing highly unique content. So, you need to find the balance.


As mentioned earlier, we utilize only real profiles to offer our service. That means each of the followers that you will get will be unique and have real people behind them. And unlike bots, real accounts do not get banned on Snapchat that easily. So, the followers will not just disappear after a while.

Thanks for asking! We offer some of the best Snapchat services in the market. Do you need a custom solution? We can do that too! Feel free to contact us.


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