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Why Should You Buy SoundCloud Followers From Us?

We work with you as a partner rather than just a service provider. We can execute your campaigns quickly and efficiently by combining our marketing expertise, technical ability, and long-term experience.

Award-Winning Support

Our team is passionate about opportunities to serve & solving complex campaign problems. Whatever your issue is, our team is available 24/7!

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Our delivery is above industry standard. We start working the moment you make the payment. Most of our orders are delivered within 24 hours.

High-Quality Profile

We are a group of veteran marketers. We know how important it is for the brand image to maintain high-quality profile engagement.

Low Prices

We are ridiculously low priced. As a 360-degree social media partner, we want to work with you for a long time, so we focus on your campaign ROI.

Get to Reach More Followers and Promote Your Music!

Get to Reach More Followers and Promote Your Music!

Newcomers can find SoundCloud, the biggest community of music lovers… quite daunting. It’s hard when you’re just getting off the blocks. Buying SoundCloud followers will give you a much-needed boost when it comes to raising your popularity to a whole new level.

Let us be honest with you, growing a fanbase and sustaining it on SoundCloud is tough if you have no experience of doing it whatsoever. At first, you don’t have a target audience or a particular workplan as to how to get people to listen to you. Buying followers helps. 

People who already have a follower base, can also opt to buy more. Having more followers doesn’t hurt when you release tracks and albums on a regular basis. 

Established musicians can promote their albums and interact with people to gauge what their next work should entail.

Become A SoundCloud Celebrity with Our Help!

Become A SoundCloud Celebrity with Our Help!

Believe it when we tell you, “You WILL be a celebrity with more SoundCloud followers coming in and engaging with you.” This helps when you have a music inventory and people have something to play on your profile. 

Having more followers means your tracks will be played and heard beyond borders. People will talk about your music. You’ll be able to get a buzz going. Even if you’re starting out, people will notice you and like what you create. 

Even if you’re a hobbyist and are into music for the love of it, SoundCloud followers will encourage and inspire you to do better. There’s a possibility of your instrumental or songs reaching to people who might even reward you for your passion, who knows?

Benefits of Buying SoundCloud Followers from Us!

Benefits of Buying SoundCloud Followers from Us!

Now, buying SoundCloud likes has its own benefits. The number one benefit is the fact that you’ll attract more and more people to listen to your work. Buying followers might be a temporary boost, but this will give you organic reach as well. In due time, of course.

As a budding musician, you’ll receive recognition and ALMOST instant fame thanks to your follower growth on Sound Cloud. This will boost your social credibility to your listeners.

More followers will put your SoundCloud profile “Out There” for people to listen to. Your followers will listen to your songs and albums. This will increase your “Play Count.” This, in turn… will create the potential for your tracks to breakthrough Top SoundCloud Charts.

An artist profile with a bigger follower count on SoundCloud will rank higher than others. Your tracks will get more exposure thanks to a higher rank. This can potentially earn you more money than you did before offline thanks to the SoundCloud algorithm and potential royalties.

The music community will start to recognize you due to so many fans following you on your SC profile. Your albums will get publicity on autopilot. Other people might even invite you onboard for collaborations on tracks and albums. The possibilities are endless. 

Get Signed by The Biggest of Record Labels and Sponsors

Get Signed by The Biggest of Record Labels and Sponsors

Here at Social Kingo, we work with the best methods to make sure your SoundCloud profile gets to the best of the music enthusiasts who appreciate what they’re listening to. It’s only natural that you’ll get quality followers who’ll engage with you and your craft.

Now, there’s an obvious difference between having 1000 followers and 5000 followers. Most sponsors or record labels won’t even notice you if your numbers are low. Buying followers will give you the buff you need to get noticed by them. 

You can even opt for SoundCloud Likes and Plays on specific songs that you did. This will help you in some way as well. As we keep telling you, possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying SoundCloud Followers

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying SoundCloud followers and our services as a whole in this section.

Absolutely, yes! Our methods are completely safe and foolproof. Right from when you talk to us, choose your package, and confirm your payment… every step is completely secure. We encrypt your data as well. Don’t worry about your payment details being leaked.

This depends on how many followers you opt for to populate your account. Opting for 500 followers will take less time for us to deliver compared to when you order for 5000. 

We run our promotions gradually for a natural growth of your profile rather than delivering the followers to you overnight.

We just need your username and the information regarding how many followers you want for your account. Just provide these two and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for a customized order just for yourselves, talk to us!

No, they will not. There’s no difference between gaining SoundCloud followers through perseverance and getting them through paid promotions. We’ll market your profile to real people with real opinions, not bots. No one will be able to tell the difference because they’re isn’t any. 

No, you won’t have to follow your followers back for this process to work. Although, you can if you so choose. This depends on you.

Once again, this depends on you. If you put out quality stuff for your listeners to invest their time in, they will! You’ll have to up your game as well to satisfy your listeners’ cravings for music. Although, you COULD buy SoundCloud Likes and SoundCloud Plays as well.

No. Socialkingo markets your profile following SoundCloud rules and regulations from top to bottom. It’s just a paid advertising. Nothing else. SoundCloud won’t give you trouble regarding your account as there won’t be any rules broken by us or you for that matter.

No, we don’t need your password to complete the order and deliver it to you. Your account is completely safe.

Unfortunately, no.

Yes, you can. In that case, you’ll have to give us the link to those accounts and the usernames. Everything else will be normal and as it they should be done.

Yes, indeed. You can order to buy SoundCloud Followers as many times as you want. However, each time you’ll have to give us your username and profile link for this to work as we don’t keep your details saved. 

Yes, you can. You’ll have to provide us only with the channel links. We don’t need to log into those accounts. Hence, we don’t the password under any circumstances.

Again, this depends on you. More often than not, SoundCloud Followers are opinionated. They love a good interaction alongside quality music. If you don’t put up quality work for your listeners to listen to, they are free to unfollow you at any point of time. 

Let’s Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Our happy customers feedback

Chris O. Riley – Musician

Getting onto SoundCloud and making a mark is hard. I found this out when I first got onto the platform. I had nothing but a recording studio and my flute. I didn’t know anything about Social Media Promotion or How to gather followers. Luckily, I met Social Kingo.

With a bit of a fee, these guys took care of my hassle of building a fanbase for me. They started from scratch and now, after eight months or so… I have a fan base of 10K listeners who listen to my craft, interact, advise, and help me in shaping my career as an artist.

Nomad Stevens – Cover Artist

I was looking for a collaboration of some sort with another artist. I already have an account with a moderate number of Followers on SoundCloud. Even then, I decided to give things a bit of paid push with Social Kingo. 

After some time, I had more people to cater to and like-minded musicians started to do small-scale collaborations with me in the setup. Some of us are thinking of coming up with a band very soon.

David Dunn – Composer

I don’t really have the time to look into my Social Media management as I’m busy composing music most of the time. I opted to buy SoundCloud followers from these guys for quick growth. I already had my best works uploaded onto the profile. Within 4 months (luckily for me), I received an invitation from a reputed record label for a contract. 

Grey Stone – Songwriter

I wrote lyrics for my friends and family in the past. One of my friends suggested me to get onto SoundCloud. I didn’t know where to start. I got in touch with a vocalist and a violinist. Then, I opted to promote mine as well as their accounts on the platform. I’m happy with the service so far and am still continuing to buy followers.

Why Our Company? 

We provide only quality services for all social media. If you are confused or have a query, please get in touch.