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Why Should You Buy Spotify Followers From Us?

We work with you as a partner rather than just a service provider. We can execute your campaigns quickly and efficiently by combining our marketing expertise, technical ability, and long-term experience.

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Our team is passionate about opportunities to serve & solving complex campaign problems. Whatever your issue is, our team is available 24/7!

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Buying Spotify Followers Can Be Your Ticket to be a Star on Spotify

Buying Spotify Followers Can Be Your Ticket to be a Star on Spotify

If you’re a musician and want a loyal fanbase to listen to your craft, there’s no other way than to venture out on different platforms. Spotify is one with thousands of music lovers worldwide. This is one area you should try your hands at (besides SoundCloud).

A dedicated follower base matters when you’re promoting your music or playlists on Spotify. It’s a social proof that heightens your credibility as a musician. 

An account with high follower count will jump-start your popularity and give you the boost you need at the start of your career. As a result, your tracks and playlists will have the chance to feature in Spotify’s top charts for your genre. 

You can then branch out and release new songs that cater to your audiences. Buying Spotify Followers is a nifty little shortcut that tells people that you’re worth listening to. You will be a star sooner than you thought. 

How More Followers Can Help?

How More Followers Can Help?

Let’s say, you already have a budding follower base on Spotify. Opting to buy Spotify followers from us would further boost your profile. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to reach a larger number of people. 

More followers will bring in people who have a good taste in your music. They’ll inevitably point to your tracks they like and want you to improve on. Trust us, authentic feedback matters! This will satisfy the Spotify Algorithm as well as giving you newer goals to achieve.

Surely, your songs and playlists will get featured once you get them on Spotify. Also, you can go for general followers or followers of a specific genre (AKA Buying Targeted Spotify Followers) we provide. More followers will attract music labels and sponsors as well.

Easily Connect with Your Target Audience

Easily Connect with Your Target Audience

Being a musician, you’d want your audience to be on “One” platform rather than dealing with them here and there. Let’s put this in simpler terms: This will cost less time and effort on your part. Interacting with your followers will be easier when they’re not scattered.

Spotify gives you the chance to the fullest. Buying followers on Spotify and marketing your music to them will allow you to create playlists, release new tracks, and attract sponsors/record labels. Trust us, lucrative deals are just around the corner for you!

We market your profile to “Real” people thorough our network. Play your cards right and you’ll have a dedicated bunch of fans who’ll help you grow your talents to new heights.

We Provide Quality Followers At a Cheap Price

We Provide Quality Followers At a Cheap Price

Like we said, we market your Spotify profile to “Real” people with a strong sense for music. These people aren’t empty shells. They are opinionated and receptive towards quality work. You’ll have to cater to them with care, nurture them, and dish out your best every time. 

Want to know the best thing about buying Spotify followers from us? We market your profile at a dirt-cheap rate. You’ll only have to pay us (dollars) for (number) followers that you get. You can use our services as many times as you’d like. No limits. Isn’t it great? 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Spotify Followers

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying Spotify followers and our services as a whole in this section.

This is the most common question we get from our clients. The answer is quite simple. Once you place an order to buy Spotify likes from us, our customer care department shoots an email to you regarding order confirmation. Our marketing team gets on the job promptly.

Completion time depends on your order size. We usually take a day to market your profile and get you 1000 followers (give or take). 

That’s why, if you opt for 5000 followers, it’ll take us 5 – 6 days for the job. Once your order is fulfilled, we’ll shoot an email again letting you know. 

Absolutely, yes! We’re people of our promise. We market your profile on our network of authentic spotify followers and get you the amount you need. 

That’s why we take time in delivering the services promised. Feel free to opt for the smallest package on offer to get a taste of our services before you decide to (and we’re sure, you will) try our hefty services.

Like we said, you’re getting “Real” Spotify likes when you allow us to market your profile. This allows you to get in touch with potentially untapped audience who’ve never heard you sing or seen your work. This way, you’re expanding your reach and popularity comes with it.

This will make Spotify algorithm notice you and give you a boost. Your work will reach new audiences and potential sponsors. We’ve even heard stories of record labels approaching our clients and handing them lucrative deals. 

If you’re a newbie, these followers are even more useful. They’ll interact with you and give you valuable insights that you need. Your career as a musician will receive just the “Kick” it needs. These followers collectively your foundation to achieving something greater.

With us, there’s nothing for you to be concerned about. We never ask for confidential details in dealing with your Spotify account. Our marketing tactics are 100% compliant to Spotify guidelines. Be it 500 or 5000 followers, buying our services won’t get you banned.

Since you’re getting real followers when you buy Spotify followers from us, there’s a chance of people unsubscribing to your music if they don’t like it. However, our services are super-targeted and have the lowest retention rate. Thus, the unfollow rate will be minimal.

Moreover, we’re always here for you! If you think the “Unfollow” ratio is too much to your liking, we can always provide you complementary followers to patch things up between us.

Absolutely not! You’re paying us for a specific number of Spotify followers, right? We’ll make sure you receive the exact amount when you confirm the order. Even if you don’t follow them back, it’s not a problem. Your follower count won’t decrease over that.

Technically, it’s possible and you can. However, be mindful of the fact that there ARE scammers selling fake Spotify Followers to people. 

These are auto-generated accounts/likes/plays that don’t interact with the musicians. Ultimately, you’re at a loss with your investment. 

You should always go for proven services like Social Kingo which provides what they promise. That is real people with opinions and a taste for good music. This way, your investment is secured and you’ll see results faster (compared to seeing none at all).

We offer the following Spotify services. If you have any custom service requirements, you can feel free to contact us.


Let’s See What Our Clients Say About Our Services!

Our happy customers feedback

Lily Montmayer

When you’re a budding musician, there’s nowhere to look for a good fanbase except Spotify. In my opinion at least. But this can be overwhelming as a newbie. Building your audiences from scratch is a hassle. That’s where I got the idea of buying Spotify followers.

After a bit of research, I got in touch with Social Kingo) and explained my situation to them. They came up with a custom solution and got to work. I noticed the difference almost immediately. Six months later, I now have 8 tracks an interactive follower base on my profile.

Alberto Nunez

I used to think, “Real Spotify Followers are a Myth.” Well, that’s until I got in touch with the Social Kingo guys. I chose the package and informed these guys. 

The rest of the process happened in a jiffy. 4 days later, I got 3K followers. At long last, I was able to cater my brand of pop music to my audiences.

Graham C. Riley

I must say, Social Kingo knows what it’s doing. I play Oud. Obviously, you won’t see many Americans take up this traditional Arabic instrument. That’s why I found it hard to get myself an audience base. 

Thankfully, these guys delivered me targeted followers. I found specific followers who heard my music, interacted with me, gave me suggestions… and now, after two years, the fanbase of 500 Spotify followers grew up to be 7000. Am I happy? You bet I am!

Jill Goodman

When I began my journey on Spotify as a violinist, I was trying to imitate what Taylor Davis did on YouTube. Problem was, I didn’t have anyone to listen to what I do. That’s why I opted for a bit of quick fame on Spotify with followers of my own.

I got in touch with these guys and started small. Luckily, I wasn’t scammed. Yes, my Spotify Follower count increased within a week or so. These guys are quick on their toes and are responsive. Have a problem with your followers? Try their 24/7 customer care service and you’ll be all set. Even if the follower count dwindles, Social Kingo will set everything right.

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