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Why Does the Comment Count Matter on YouTube

Why Does the Comment Count Matter on YouTube?


YouTube is the largest video platform on the internet. It was the platform that made videos on the internet a thing. Even though it is not social media, it does have some social media-like features. For example, the videos have a comment section. Yes, just like how Facebook posts have a comment section.

Like other platforms, there is like-mechanism present in the comment section. And it is the place where users convey their precious words, connect with the content creators, and give feedback about the content. However, it is also where content creators interact with other content creators.

That is why the comment section of YouTube is always a spot to start up a hot topic regarding a video. However, that does not mean that each comment on the thread will get equal attention. You see, like the content the users consume, they will consider the value of the comment before interacting with it.

Another thing you should know about the YouTube comment section is that not all comments stay up on the top. The YouTube algorithm will consider several things to sort out the comments. Among all of them, the like count plays a crucial role.

The comment count dictates whether your comment will be on the top. It will also dictate whether you will get enough engagement from the other users or not.

What Does It Mean to Get a High Number of Likes on Your Comment on YouTube

What Does It Mean to Get a High Number of Likes on Your Comment on YouTube?


A high number of likes can tell all about your comment. First, when a comment gets a reasonably high number of likes, it states that it has to offer a good amount of value. It also means that the words either provide a good insight regarding the content or provide valuable feedback.

No matter the case, the high number of likes will draw more attention to the comment. Users across the words will be more likely to read what the account is trying to say. And the high number of likes will also make those users want to engage with the comment.

Furthermore, when a comment gets a reasonably high number of likes, it gets sorted out by the algorithm. If the likes are comparatively higher than the other comments on the thread, it will stay on the top. Any user heading to the comment section will notice the comment with high likes before the others.

Why Should You Purchase Comment Likes for YouTube

Why Should You Purchase Comment Likes for YouTube?


YouTube gets a load of videos on the platform each day. In 2020, it got more than 500 hours of video posted per minute. Now, that is a lot of new videos getting uploaded per minute. And most of the content on the platform will encourage comments. But there are a lot of challenges.

Number of Comments That Videos Get

You might think that if you are one of the first to comment on a highly trendy video, you can easily make your words stand out. However, the case is not that simple. First of all, videos on YouTube get 1.2 comments per 1000 views. That means if the content has 10K videos, it will have 120 comments.

Now, your comment can easily get lost in all of those comments. And you should remember that you are not the only one trying to get attention through comments. Like you, many other users are trying to implement the same tactic to gain some popularity. 

Total Number of Channels

YouTube has more than 51 million channels. Furthermore, there are loads of brands operating on YouTube. Most content creators understand what it means to get many likes on their comments on other videos. For that reason, the competition in the comment section is reasonably tight.

But with a proper boost, you can stay ahead of the competition. What boost are we talking about? The boost that we are offering with our service. It will help your comment get a proper headstart, which can eventually mean your words get the appropriate attention. 

What Advantages Will You Enjoy After You Buy YouTube Comment Likes

What Advantages Will You Enjoy After You Buy YouTube Comment Likes?


Our service will make your comment get the right amount of boost. It will enhance the chances of your words getting the correct amount of attention. However, that is just the first half of the story. Our service can bring much more to the table. 

Instant Value

First of all, after the purchase, your comment will get an instant value. That will enhance the engagement rate of your comment. And if you are one of the first to comment, your words will get immense attention from the likes.

Also, if you put meaningful words in the comment section, the users who stumble upon your comment will even engage with it.

Your Comment Ranking Up

Your Comment Ranking Up


When the engagement ramps up, your comment will rank up in terms of engagement rate. And soon enough, it will get sorted out by the algorithm. The algorithm will keep your words on the very top. In fact, when the content creator sees how much of an engagement your words are getting, they might even pin it.

With that, your comment will be the first to be visible to the users who will come to the comment section. And with the increased visibility, it will be possible to make your words noticed by pretty much everyone who will watch the specific video.

Alongside that, with the paid comment likes, you will make your comments get a proper headstart. So, even if content creators try to compete with you, there will be a high chance that they will fail to beat you to it.

Can You Increase the Traffic of Your Profile When You Buy Comment Likes on YouTube

Can You Increase the Traffic of Your Profile When You Buy Comment Likes on YouTube?


It will surely be possible to make your profile get high traffic after getting the comment likes. Want to know how that will happen? Allow us to explain. 

Amplified Engagement Rate

First, getting likes on your comment will ramp up the engagement rate. It will also gain instant value, making it more attractive to other users.

Eventually, the users who will get into the comment section will find your comment. They will notice how much engagement it already has and will interact with it if it has to offer value. That will allow it to gain organic engagement, enhancing its chances of getting the topmost position in the comment section.

#1 Spot in Comment Section

When organic growth happens, your comment will be the first thing the users will notice when they enter the section. Seeing how many interactions your comments get, they will understand the value of your words. And if they are meaningful, you can draw these users to your profile.

The users will think that as you get so much attention on your comment, you must have value to offer on your channel. They will get into your profile and check out what content you provide. That will make your profile get high traffic and bring light to your videos.

Subscriber Count Enhancement

Eventually, when the users see that you are providing value with your content, they will press subscribe. With the increased subscriber count, you will even enhance the value of your profile. It will gain more value, and your future uploads will not struggle to get great attention.

How Many Comment Likes Should You Purchase

How Many Comment Likes Should You Purchase?


The higher the number of comment likes you purchase, the better. Let us explain this with an example. Put yourself in the shoes of a regular user who just got in a trendy video and is checking out the comment section. You see a couple of comments on the top. However, not all of them have the same count.

For example, one has 500 plus likes and many replies, while the others are at just 30 to 40 likes. Which one would you be more drawn to? The one with 500 plus likes, right? That specific comment seems more worthy to interact with, and it's pretty standard.

Like you, most of the other users will exhibit the same behavior. For that reason, you should get as many comment likes as possible. After getting the paid comments, try to enhance engagement by replying to the meaningful replies you get on your comment. That will get you more attention.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying YouTube Comment Likes

Let us clear your misconceptions and answer your prevalent queries regarding Buying YouTube comment likes and our services as a whole in this section.


Yes, social proof will play its role after getting the paid comment likes. The likes will make your comment gain instant value. It will make your comment stand out. And when users see that your comment has a good amount of likes, they will feel that they should interact with your comment.


The likes that you will gain from us will be from authentic accounts. YouTube only deletes any interaction from the profiles when it thinks they are fake. For that reason, you will not have to worry about the likes disappearing. In fact, they will stay up as long as you do not remove the comment.


If you want to make every one of your comments get a good boost, you can certainly place an order for all of them. We will ensure that each of them is handled properly. But, you should remember that YouTube users will not interact with any comment they stumble upon. The words should be meaningful and should offer value. So, if you want to get all the benefits, target high-quality comments only.


Yes, the YouTube comment upvotes and comment likes are the same things. Some users just like to refer to the comment likes as upvotes. Other than that, there are no differences between these two terms.

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I hardly got ten likes on the comments that I posted. But the case is totally different for this service. It actually works! Also, it helped me a lot to make my channel grow. Overall, I am very happy with my investment.

Amber M. Harris

 I knew for a fact that YouTube was highly competitive. However, I did not imagine that would also translate to the comment section. No matter how deep of insight or how meaningful my comments were, they hardly got any attention. 

But when I targeted one of my engaging comments with a package from SocialKingo, the tables turned. It now has more than 6K likes and 200 replies. Thanks a lot, SocialKingo!

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