How To Get Unbanned From TikTok [7 Mistakes You Must Avoid]

"Your account is permanently or temporarily banned.

The biggest nightmare for any social media marketer!

Wondering, can my account get unbanned on TikTok?

The good news is getting unbanned is also possible if you show the Platform that you took the guidelines pretty seriously this time.

So How To Get Unbanned From TikTok?

Getting unbanned from TikTok isn't as difficult as you think. By following some steps, you can get unbanned from TikTok.

But first of all, you need to find the exact reasons why your account is banned. If you think that this ban is just a mistake, then you can submit an appeal to the community to remove the ban. 

Besides, your account may get banned for different reasons. Today, we will try to reveal why your account is banned and how you can get unbanned from TikTok.

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Why Is TikTok Account Banned? 7 mistakes That Will Get You Banned 

Several reasons can ban your TikTok account. Here are some of the common mistakes Tiktokers make that irritate the Platform.

1. Violating Community Guidelines

When a user violates the Community Guidelines, their account is at risk. Tiktok constantly monitors every content of a user. If they publish inappropriate or illegal or copy the content, then the Tiktok platform will remove it.

More clearly speaking, if someone uploads any content that violates Tiktok Community guidelines, their account will be banned temporarily, even permanently. How many TikTok violations are banned? 5 to 6 reports are enough to get any account banned.

2. Third-Party App

You may find several unauthorized apps that offer a variety of attractive offers. Many users are unaware that such third-party apps are risky. They try these third-party apps to make money on TikTok.

But it totally violates the TikTok Community Guidelines. There is a chance to permanently ban your account due to these unauthorized apps.

3. Harmful Content

The main goal of the TikTok Community Guidelines is to protect the Platform and users from any harmful content, videos, or pictures.

Therefore, if the users promote illegal activities such as hatred, violence, hostility, and murder, they will be banned permanently.

Also, if users create self-harm or sexual invitation content, their accounts will be permanently banned.

4. Accidentally Disabled

You may find some accounts that are accidentally blocked or banned by TikTok. It may happen accidentally that they did not violate any Guidelines, but their account got banned. 

5. Spam

If another user's account is marked as spam or seems to be spammy, Tiktok will ban such  accounts temporarily.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. The banned person can submit an appeal to the community online about what he or she did wrong or why his or her account was blocked. There is a chance to get back the account by providing appropriate information.

However, appeals may not always be appropriate, in which case emails may be acceptable.

6. Harassment

If a user threatens, insults, or threatens to kill another person, that user's account will be permanently banned.

7. Wrong Information

According to TikTok's guidelines, no child under the age of 13 can use the Platform. So TikTok authorities have banned users under 13 or users who do not verify their age.

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4 Methods to Get Unbanned From TikTok

Method 1: Contact TikTok Customer Support and unban your account 

If your TikTok account is temporarily blocked, you must inform TikTok Customer Support to recover it. First, you will receive an email from the authorities that your account has been banned.

Now how to recover the account? You need to wait 1 or 2 days for your account to recover. 

If you don't see any signs of recovery in your account, contact TikTok's official customer support.

How can I recover my banned TikTok account?

Open the TikTok app from your device to communicate with TikTok Official Customer Support.

  • Enter the TikTok app, then log in with the username.
  • Then select Settings and Privacy. 
  • When a new window opens, click on Report a Problem.
  • Then, you have to choose Account Recovery from the menu bar.
  • Finally, select email.

Note: If your account is permanently or temporarily blocked, you can contact or email customer support by following the steps mentioned above. However, before emailing your personal information, you must ensure that the email address is official. 

So for your convenience, the support emails are given:


Since they receive massive emails every day, it may take time to respond to your email. 

Above all, email them repeatedly instead of once to get their response and to unban your account.

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Method 2: Fill In Your Contact Information to restore your Tiktok account 

You may find plenty of users who fill out the contact information paper without giving the proper age. This Platform is not acceptable for anyone under 13, according to TikTok 

Community Guidelines. Therefore, the accounts of those who do not give them the correct age are temporarily banned.

In this case, the user has to show their government id card as proof of age to get the account back. You must upload your ID card to TikTok's official customer support, and your account will be unbanned through ID verification.

Method 3: TikTok Account Banned For Country Restrictions (How to get back banned account)

TikTok is already banned in some countries.

If you are a user in those countries, your TikTok account will be banned. If your TikTok account is not accessible, it means your network administrator platform is down.

Then you have to follow another way to unban your banned account. In this case, VPN software is most valuable and practical for you.

You can easily access your TikTok account by installing a VPN on your device. However, it would help if you chose the best VPN software for you. Be sure to check out the reviews before choosing a VPN.

Method 4: Share Your Feedback Form and recover your ID

If you have something to say about the TikTok platform, you can easily say it through the "Share Your Feedback" form.

You can report any problems here: With this link, you can directly access the "Share Your Feedback "form.

· First, you need to provide contact information, including your email address and username (optional). 

  • Add the email (used to your TikTok account) in the Email Address field. 
  • Then fill in the username field with the username of your TikTok account. 
  • After providing the contact information, select the topic option. Here you will find multiple options in which you have to click on account suspension/ban. 
  • Then you will get another sub-topic, "tell us more." A drop-down menu will appear, and you need to select your issue. 
  • Then write your problem in the following field.

Here is the Description:

Hi, my account was accidentally blocked. None of my content or videos violated the Community Guidelines. Please help me to unban my TikTok account.

  • Once you give the description, you can go to the next step.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the form to see the Attachment header. 
  • Here, you can upload the required screenshots. 
  • If the reason for banning your account is not age-related, it is optional. 
  • However, if the reason for banning your account is age-related, you must upload a picture of your government ID card. 
  • If you do not provide proof, your account will be permanently blocked. 
  • Lastly, submit the form. 

Since the TikTok platform constantly receives hundreds of emails, wait a while to solve your problem. 

After verifying the ID, TikTok will respond to your email and unban your account.

How long does the TikTok appeal take? 

If your account is accidentally banned, you need to appeal within a few days of the ban.

But this can be a big problem for those who do not check their account or are unaware of the ban. It may also be an issue for those who use automated systems.

If you do not appeal in time, the time limit may expire.

In that case, you need to contact customer support via email to get your account back. 

You will get your account back if they do not delete your data from their system. If it is deleted, then it is a pity for you.

The bottom line?

Always read and adhere to the guidelines and terms provided by the TikTok community to prevent your account from being blocked.