How to Get Verified on TikTok: #7 Things To Do For The Blue Tickmark!



You don't have to be a Hollywood celebrity to get verified. A blue tick next to your name gives certain public accountability- & a symbol of credibility confirmed by TikTok authority.

Then how to get verified on TikTok?

TikTok doesn't say much about its verification process. But your account needs to represent an authentic person or business, create unique content, be active, and follow TikTok's community guidelines to get verified on TikTok. Stick to these rules and apply for verification.


What does it mean to verify an account on TikTok?

Hi... You've already seen it next to the name of your favorite celebrity.

A verified account on TikTok contains a blue badge mark that means the account is confirmed and you have become an official member of TikTok. And this help you make more money.

A verified account lets the users know that the person on the TikTok account is not fake; all information is verified.

Why do we all crave it?

If you are a content creator, a verified account quickly boosts your growth on TikTok. The reason is the authenticity and legitimacy of the account. It increases your views and followers and improves visitors' trust and loyalty to your account.

How to get verified on TikTok 

Anyone can apply for a blue badge,  which is valid!

There are no specific rules and procedures when it comes to getting verified on TikTok, but some helpful tips shared by experts could help you get verified and boost growth on TikTok.

Here is a simple guide for those wondering how do I get a TikTok blue tick.

#1 Show your True color in content & Keep in real

Content is always the king, no matter what platform it is.

Creating authentic content consistently is a must in TikTok. Once you develop your identity for some specific niche, getting attention will be much easier.

Keep in mind there are tons of content on the platform. If you want to stand alone, the only weapon you need is the unique content.

So be creative!

Research the niche & try to understand what's smacking that platform. Using popular songs in the background is also a good trick.

#2 Get verified on other social media platforms, Too (Believe it or not, it works like magic!)

If you have the verification badge on other platforms, you are already one step ahead of Tiktok's good book for verification.

Almost all the platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) also offer this verified badge. If you have one, simply connect that account with TikTok.

Let us share a remarkable fact.......

People who applied this trick are getting about 50 percent of the traffic on their accounts from their other social media accounts.


#3 Media coverage can also help a lot.

The media has the power.

We can't deny it.

Why don't you take advantage of it? You can quickly verify yourself on TikTok by promoting yourself on Media. Traditional media forms such as magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV could also help you.

Can't get the attention of traditional media?

Podcasts and YouTube are also highly regarded ways for TikTok creators to promote the content.

# 4 Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success on TikTok!

Boost your abilities to keep you up with the constant influx of challenges on TikTok. 

Make a schedule and ensure consistency with your schedule on TikTok; create unique videos that have the potential to be viral. 

Consistency does not mean you should update hundreds of videos daily. Only one or two videos with high-quality content daily with consistent behavior could bring targeted results.

# 5 Share a slice of your personal story & Make a meaningful connection!

Treat the audience like guests-Make them feel welcome!

You don't have to spend hours, but only 20 to 30 minutes of engagement on TikTok with the community could make a huge difference.

Thinking it's totally useless?

Engaging with your audience improves followers' loyalty, and they take more interest in watching, liking, and sharing your content.

#6 Grow your Community (The number of followers still matters!)

Give your audience a space to share & connect- Make them feel you belong to a community.

It is not that hard; by showing up in the comments section, replying to followers' questions with care, and interacting with your followers, your kindness can make their day special.

#7 Stick to the rules.

TikTok also has rules and community guidelines continuously monitored by the TikTok team. 

Violation of those rules will bring a red flag mark by the moderators on your account that could cause big trouble to be verified on TikTok.

So read the community guidelines and strictly follow the rules provided by the TikTok team.

How many followers do I need to verify on TikTok?

No threshold is set to hit for verification on TikTok. 

Many accounts on TikTok with thousands of followers are still not verified. The platform has its own verification standard, but Accounts complying with the TikTok verification process and daily followers' growth have more chances to be verified on TikTok.

Usually, accounts with anywhere between 500-2000 daily followers have more chances to be verified. Not precisely, but an account with at least one million likes and 10 to 15 thousand fans can quickly get the blue check.

Do verified TikTokers get paid well?

TikTok does not pay to verified accounts, but you can earn through different sponsorships. Like other social media platforms, a verified account has more chances to get sponsorship deals from different brands. 

Can you buy verification on TikTok?

Well, no such mechanism ensures verification after paying some money. You can hire professionals to work with your TikTok account for quick account verification.

Be careful while selecting professionals because fake followers will do more harm than good.

The Bottom Line

A verified account also helps you to boost your community quickly.

Before wrapping up, let us say this straight again.....

There is no specific procedure for verifying the profile. The TikTok team selects the profiles for verification after monitoring different criteria. How long does it take to get verified on TikTok? The team will review your profile, so it may take some time.

There is no verification guarantee, even if you have millions of fanbases. But with high-quality content, authenticity, legitimation, activation, boosting followers and fans, and following TikTok community guidelines, you have more chances to get verified quickly.