How do I buy TikTok followers? (Clue: It’s Easier than You Think!)

Expanding the fandom on TikTok is not a cup of tea anymore.

The struggle is real unless you’re Selena Gomez or Reese Witherspoon, who already have millions of fans! Your follower counts should be in the thousands at the very least to establish your TikTok profile and get your content noticed or even viral.

Here is the reality…….

Getting to that target followers organically is now more challenging than you think.

The easiest trick is buying TikTok followers.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking right now- how do I buy TikTok followers? Or how can I benefit from buying followers?

No worry, this article is about this honey, to introduce a new world of fame and power.

But why Do TikTok followers matter?

Just look at this stat………

With over 1.2 billion active monthly users in the last quarter of 2021, Tiktok is expected to hit 1.5 billion users before 2023.

Yeah, Gen Z's favorite app broke all social media records.

With all the love-hate relationships, TikTok is currently the fastest-growing social media platform. Your fan following is the only ring buoy in this ocean of users!

So let us look at the Top 3 points that make TikTok followers a matter.

1. A solid base for making money

TikTok has some very unique monetization features. TikTok allows followers/ viewers to give content creators 'TIPS' or 'GIFTS.'

Here is how it works:

When you do a live stream or post a video, your followers can give you virtual gifts. They can also give you tips for any amount they want.

These ‘gifts’ and ‘tips’ can later be converted to real currency. You can only receive these when you have a minimum of 100,000 followers.

TikTok will also give money through its content creator fund to those with a minimum of 10,000 followers and at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days. 

(Of course, to avail yourself of all this, you must be over 18 years old).

2. an excellent platform to be an influencer:

When your follower count has reached at least the 10,000 mark, you can start to consider yourself an Influencer.

You heard that right!

People with a few thousand (1,000 - 5,000) followers can claim the title of Nano-influencer. The expected followers of Celebrity Influencers are in six figures- a minimum of 1 million followers.

3. Golden opportunity to collaborate with brands:

When you want to collaborate with a brand, they will look at the number of followers you have. The more followers you have, the more targeted marketing can be done by companies (brands).

For example, sports brands will want to collaborate with you if you're a celebrity athlete influencer. They will want to target their product placement with the audience of your profile.

Why should I buy followers for my TikTok?

Before buying TikTok followers, you should understand why it will benefit you.

For starters, it will save you a lot of time. 

You can reach stardom overnight. Often within the next day, you can reach 10,000 followers.

Create a domino effect 

A domino effect will be created, and your follower counts will automatically increase. Your current followers will magnet more and more followers- that’s the plan.

To beat the TikTok algorithm.

TikTok’s algorithm will push the content to more followers and increase your popularity.

How do I buy TikTok followers for Uptopsocial?

Buying TikTok followers is relatively easy.

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Pick the right packages for you
  • Step 3: Make your payment, and you’re done!

Yeah, it is that simple.

Typically, your follower count should start to increase within an hour. Within 24 hours, your purchased followers should hit the mark you selected.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? 

Well, it is! We made the purchase process so easy that our clients can only focus on creating a good piece of content.

Because at the end of the day-content is king.

What is the cost of 1000 followers?

Prices for followers will vary between packages, but the range is similar.

Packages can start from as little as 100 followers and up to 5,000 followers, with prices ranging from $1 to $100 or more.

One thousand followers package can range from $15 to $40 depending on what is included. The cheaper ones might provide only followers and sometimes ask you for the password.

More expensive packages will offer followers, views, likes, and customer support services.

Here is a breakdown for you to compare the prices from different websites.

Is it legal to buy TikTok followers?

Yes, it is legal to buy TikTok followers.

Many people frown upon buying followers on TikTok, and often, it is seen as a negative thing to do.

However, the truth is that most profiles with millions of followers have at least once bought followers. Most of them won't admit it, but you can be sure they have done it.

It may not be the most ethical thing, but it is not illegal. You won’t see sirens outside your door and men in blue hanging handcuffs in front of your eyes.

So, no need to worry; you can go ahead and make that purchase of the bundle of followers and kick-start your fandom!

What happens when you have 1000 followers on TikTok?

When you reach a milestone of 1000 followers, you don’t just get a motivational reward; TikTok has a perk lined up for you. 

You can do TikTok Live now!

You can directly interact with your followers. Doing live videos will most certainly gain you more followers. You can even do a dual live stream with your viewers.

Can you get banned for buying followers on TikTok?

The answer might not seem obvious, but the truth is quite simple. 

TikTok will not ban you from buying followers. As of now, there are no restrictions on purchasing followers on TikTok. Your account won’t be suspended either. It is entirely safe to buy.

But there’s one small catch.

First of all, if you are purchasing, make sure that you compare and assess which website is legitimate and will provide you with a quality package.

Often, these companies will have multiple accounts opened just to follow their customers' accounts.

Most of these accounts won't have any posts, one or two posts, and no other activities. There is one risk that you should keep in mind. These followers, over time, can start to decrease.

This is because TikTok will flag up accounts that don’t have many activities and seem suspicious.

And the result?

Over time, these suspicious accounts might be made inactive by TikTok or banned. So this could lead to a drop in your follower count. This won't affect you when your account has reached thousands to millions of followers. 

But it is something to be very mindful of.

When you work with brands, they will monitor your follower count. A dramatic drop in followers could cancel the brand's partnership with you.

The Takeaway……

There’s never anything wrong with purchasing a few followers to boost your social media profile.

You can look at it differently and see it as getting lip fillers or a nose lift. 

Everyone is doing it regardless of the cost or drawbacks of it. Everyone wants to fit in, be popular, and be liked and accepted by others.

If spending a few bucks to shine a light on yourself (your profile, for that matter) gets you a few steps up the ladder, I say go for it.