How to Make Your TikTok Go Viral – The Art of Making Videos Popular


"Wake up in the morning & see that my last video just went viral!!"

Ahhhhh......Every Tiktokers dream!!!!!!

The good news is TikTok has such an algorithm that anyone can become viral and build an audience over time. But that doesn't mean getting viral is so easy on TikTok. You need to follow techniques in this case.

What makes something go viral?

How to make your TikTok go viral overnight?

Let's take a look at why some have overnight success & others don't.

How to Make Your TikTok Go Viral after Posting?#13 Hacks that work too well, Lately!

The below tips have a proven track record of making you go viral on TikTok. 

1. Hook the people with an awesome Caption

With so many video options, viewers' moods change too quickly, and they can decide on watching your video in just 1 second. 

.......(especially when most of the audience is teenagers & Zen Z).

If you can't grab viewers' attention in the opening 3 seconds, they will scroll down and watch another video (No matter how good your content is!!!!).

Like it or not......this Chinese app is the most fast-paced social media platform.

If you set the tone and topic of your video, maintaining its relevance, TikTok itself will promote it to several viewers. TikTok will enlist your video on the "For You" page. Research (a lot) and Experiment to find an ideal method that aligns with your content.

2. Cut your video length if needed (Make them Short yet fun)

TikTok approves short videos, roughly 15 - 30 seconds. 

Not any crap, 15-20 sec high-quality clip.

People will not hesitate to scroll past your videos if it doesn't provide any value to them. Even after utilizing all seconds, if your videos don't have any message, getting viral will remain a dream.

No doubt about it.

There are some exceptions!

Sometimes, you may need to make more than 1-minute video. In this case, divide the video into parts and hint in the 1st video that more videos are coming.

Want to discuss the topic more deeply?

Make a topic series, honey. To improve your watch time, follow tip#1. You can hook up your audience if the Intro is interesting.

3. CTAs Has to be Strong

Nothing can be better than creating excellent video content on TikTok. After getting viral through a video, what is your goal? Is it getting viral in the end? 

Obviously not. Encourage your viewers to follow you and watch other videos. Once people go through your video, encourage people to do a call to action.

This will help your audiences to know about your following videos. Moreover, they will not miss your next content. For a beginner, a general CTA could be "Follow me for more daily tips" Furthermore, it would be best to add a clickable link. The main target is to seduce them to go on your bio or other landing pages.

You gotta be smart!

This way, the organic traffic to your landing page will increase. This means your TikTok followers are helping you in making more sales.

4. Right Time Posting is the secret seasoning!

Wait......What does the right time post mean?

You need to find out when your audiences remain active on TikTok. Getting engagement in the initial hour of posting your video is crucial because it helps TikTok to know that your videos are liked and viewed by your audiences.

Now the next question might be, how to know the busy time of your audience?

Well, the TikTok Pro account can give you the data on the busiest time for your audiences. The report is available in the "Followers" tab and below the "Follower Activity".

After analyzing the report, post your videos in the active hours of your audience. So, when they scroll their feed, they will watch your video. This way, the total view and engagement number will increase for sure.

5. Trendy Background Music can bring some charm!

Consider background music as a hashtag. 

Background music plays a crucial role in discovering your video from the vast contents. We recommend you choose a trendy song for your video. A piece of trendy music will help your video go viral, and the TikTok algorithm will also be in your favour.

Here is how to do it......

To choose a trendy song, surf the "For You" page for some time. Analyze which song is getting the most traction and engagement. Generally, popular TikTok creators and artists use trendy music. So, choose one of them.

At the top, you will also find the "Sounds'' section. This section will also help you find trendy music. Different viral songs are listed under the "Discover'' section. Even when doing voiceovers, don't hesitate to use trendy music. You need to keep your voice louder than the background music this time.

6. Be a Master in Storytelling

"Storytelling" never goes out of style, no matter its era!

Now listen:

This characteristic is a significantly important part of humanity—the chance of getting viral increases when a video can capture viewers' emotions. In the video, you should use human emotions such as excitement, fear, laughter, happiness, inspiration, humour, etc. Thus, you can easily capture viewers' attention, and they will connect to your story quickly.

Using "Text Overlays" is a good strategy for telling a story and capturing the viewer's attention. In addition, you can plot a story of daily problems and then share the step-by-step solution.

Another strategic way is to keep some cliffhangers to get comments and shares in your video when telling a story. You can choose anything to tell a story to your audience. It could be your daily routine, perception of life, or interesting things people want to know.

7. The Relevant Hashtags are like the cherry on Top!

Did you notice in your feed...there is rarely any video on TikTok without a hashtag?

Here is why:

It is because TikTok is an essential ranking factor. When you put a hashtag in a TikTok video, the TikTok algorithm will put it on the front page so your targeted audience can easily watch them. However, never use generic hashtags like #FYP.

So, choose a unique, trendy hashtag for your video. However, selecting the most hashtags means your video will appear quickly when your audience searches.

For TikTokers, the importance of hashtags is high. The hashtag has a significant impact on your TikTok video. Don't choose an irrelevant hashtag. Unique hashtag that uses trending effects for better results.

If you want to get an idea of hashtags:

  1. Visit the Discover tab.
  2. Check for the trending hashtags.
  3. Use 3-5 relevant hashtags to get the recommendation system right.

8. Share Your Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

TikTok and other social media like Facebook and Instagram also prefer short video content. This means you can repost your short videos on these platforms too. This technique lets you share videos on other media without preparing them separately.

Organic traffic will divert from one site to another after posting your videos on different social media platforms. As we stated earlier, more viewers mean getting viral is also high.

9. Sharing is caring!

The TikTok algorithm prioritizes those videos with a lot of community interaction.

So, make content so that TikTok gives priority to your videos. Interact with your audiences for the best possible result to become viral. Reply to your follower's comments as much as you can. The TikTok algorithm appreciates this interaction and favours your videos to go viral.

10. Captivate the audience with a piece that Followers Re-watch

While making video content for TikTok, consider creativity over quantity. The purpose is to grab the audience to watch till the end. This means video completion rate is one of the important factors of the TikTok algorithm. So, be creative in selecting a video topic, so your audience watches your content repeatedly.

Here is a tip for this. Address a list of places or discuss an essential statement for 1 second so that a viewer feels interested in watching the portion repeatedly. Even interested viewers can pause your video to watch the video portion.

It signals to the TikTok algorithm that it is a good video. When more and more people do this, your video content gets enlisted to the "For You Page." Thus, more and more people will watch the video and the chance of going viral increases.

11. Be ahead of everyone by making the trend weave

The following trend is not bad; you must do it before everyone does. 

Here is a trick as well. Hop onto the TikTok Discovery Page.

Look for a trendy video that matches your niche. Once you identify one, it is your time to show your talent and creativity.

Some trends can be spontaneous, and some can be seasonal. So, finding a trend according to your niche is crucial before making video content. Be creative and quick before everyone starts making video content.

12. Engage Yourself with Other Popular TikTok Influencers

Don't just keep on making video content and interacting with your followers. 

Engaging with other stars TikToker is vital to go viral in TikTok. In the end, TikTok is a social media platform. Supporting others can help you make your videos viral.

Follow other TikTok content creators. Like and comment on their videos. Appreciate and thank them. TikTok's algorithm also considers the engagement of a TikTok. Once you start commenting and liking others, they will also appreciate your work. The more comments and engagements your video has, the chance of getting viral increases.

13. Stick To A Schedule (Be consistent in Publishing Content)

Who loves inconsistency?

I guess no one-And even the fun platform TikTok.

As harsh as it sounds......If you are irregular and inconsistent in publishing new and fresh content, your followers will forget you one day. And the worst? The TikTok algorithm will also stop showing your video content to your followers.

Every social media gives priority to consistent content creators.

A consistent content creator gets more traffic on their site or video. However, it doesn't mean posting video content every hour is the best practice. Find a sweet spot, such as posting videos twice a day or thrice a week. Whatever schedule you choose, make sure to maintain it.

Consistent posting will bring reliability to your followers. They will get something to look forward to. Moreover, potential followers will feel commitment while scrolling their feed.

Now the Burning Question: How many views make a video viral on TikTok?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on various factors.

However, most viral videos on TikTok will typically have tens of millions of views. It may sound impossible, but some of the most successful TikTok videos have been watched over 100 million times.

And how long does it usually take for a TikTok to go viral? There is no set time frame for how long it takes for a TikTok to go viral. But usually, we see content that gets huge attention within 48 hours. Some videos have become overnight sensations, while others have gradually gained traction.

Now you are all set.

Don't miss this chance to make your TikTok videos go viral and get tons of likes, comments, and followers